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Project Lead the Way, a nonprofit organization that provides a transformative learning experience in engineering has awarded Dallas Academy a $16,000 grant to be used towards STEAM education.  With the focus being on Dallas Academy’s STEAM week in April, students will present an engineering project they have worked on throughout the school year. This project will be led by the 12th grade engineering class and will include the participation of the whole school. Senior students will work with middle and lower school students to help them learn about engineering and expand their understanding of the subject. This involvement is designed to introduce younger students to the subject of engineering and the PLTW way of learning. The local community will also be invited to view the projects completed during STEAM week in April 2023.


Devyn Bowen, current 12th grade engineering instructor, lead the efforts on applying for the grant and was more than pleased when she found out that the PLTW grant will not only award the PLTW Engineering Essentials curriculum for senior level students, but it will provide the funding for PLTW student courses for the next three years.  “Students tend to gain more enjoyment and learning from hands on activities and project-based instruction as opposed to a traditional lecture-based classroom setting. With PLTW, our students will have the opportunity to engage in exciting hands-on activities and projects throughout the school year.” Dallas Academy plans to extend PLTW course offerings to students and PLTW training to instructors interested in teaching the courses. 


Dallas Academy is a private school for students with learning differences. These differences include, but are not limited to dyscalculia, dyslexia, ADHD and autism. Our goal is to provide individualized learning opportunities with accommodations that meet the need of each student at the school. Students with learning differences often benefit from a hands-on learning environment apart from the traditional classroom setting. PLTW offers an Activity Project Problem Based (APB) learning approach that will reach and engage students of all backgrounds.

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