Lisa Emmick
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Dallas Piano Academy Offers Music Awards

Dallas Piano Academy is thrilled to announce that 59 of their students were awarded trophies in 2022 with a music lesson award program called the Musical Ladder System®. This is a proven program that is used by music teachers across the United States and Canada. It helps students stay excited about music, keeps them goal focused, and helps keep parents informed as to how they are doing too!

As children progress through their music lessons they complete challenges and receive a wristband and certificate. At some levels they also get personalized trophies. This program has been proven for years to bring a smile to parents and students and Dallas Piano Academy is very excited to offer it to enhance the music lesson experience.

Congratulations students! Dallas Piano Academy looks forward to awarding even more trophies in 2023. In addition to piano lessons, Dallas Piano Academy offers singing lessons and guitar lessons.

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