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Teamwork and Leadership Skills Also Key Components Of The Program

Dallas, May 4, 2016 - Dallas United Crew and Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star announced today a first-of-its kind pilot program to introduce rowing to the children throughout the Dallas area who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience this water sport. The pilot program is set to begin May at White Rock Lake. Dallas United Crew is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit rowing organization based on White Rock Lake that has programs fro people of all ages and abilities. Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star is the largest Big Brothers Big Sisters agency in the world.  

The new program will allow children who are members of Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star and their mentors to take part in events on and off the lake that in addition to rowing will include the development of teamwork and leadership skills. The program also will strive to cultivate a deeper understanding of the relationship between health and fitness, and introduce the importance of taking care of the environment with a specific emphasis on how to care for the lake.

The first event is scheduled for May 21, 2016, and is designed for girls ages 6 through 18.  Additional events for both boys and girls and their mentors will be scheduled throughout the summer.

“Dallas United is excited to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star for this pilot program,” said John Gartin, Dallas United program director. “We value the opportunity to introduce this multi-faceted sport to those who may not have had the opportunity to explore all that it has to offer and the lasting impact it can have on their lives. On a percentage basis, rowing offers more college scholarships than any other sport with 55% of females and 18% of males who row receiving college scholarships. The opportunity to row in middle school and high school can have lasting effects on both mental and physical health as well as personal well-being.”  

 “We are thrilled to partner with Dallas United Crew for the opportunity to learn about the unique sport of rowing,” said Michael O'Teter, Chief Program Officer for Big Brother Big Sister Lone Star. “The children will have the ability to experience the sport and see how being physically active can be fun. Through the events our Little Brothers and Little Sisters will learn the mechanics of rowing and experience one of Dallas’ best assets, White Rock Lake. We look forward to the real-world lessons the children will be able to experience, which can’t be taught in a classroom. Our vision is that this pilot program can be shared with our Big Brothers Big Sisters peers across the country, inspiring them to partner with rowing organizations similar to Dallas United Crew.”

For more information about DUC and how to get involved in summer rowing camps, contact John Gartin at 405-421-6300 or visit


About Dallas United Crew

Dallas United Crew’s mission is to transform lives and build a community. DUC offers a variety of rowing and dragon boating programs for adults and youth age 11+ on White Rock Lake located in East Dallas. Since 2002, DUC has been building community, fostering leadership and teamwork and having fun through oar and paddle sports. These programs challenge, strengthen and empower people both mentally and physically. Both novice and experienced rowers and paddlers are welcome. DUC is a registered 501c(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax-deductible. For complete information on getting out on the water with DUC, visit


About Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters, the nation’s largest donor and volunteer supported mentoring organization, holds itself accountable for children in its program to achieve measurable outcomes, such as educational success; avoidance of risky behaviors; and higher aspirations, greater confidence and better relationships. Partnering with parents/guardians, schools, corporations and others in the community, Big Brothers Big Sisters carefully pairs children (“Littles”) with screened volunteer mentors (“Bigs”) and monitors and supports these one-to-one mentoring matches. Big Brothers Big Sisters provides children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. In 2015, Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star served nearly 7,000 children through 20 offices across 100 counties in Texas. Learn how you can positively impact a child’s life at





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