Tiffany Sunday
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Dillon 5 LLC (Dallas, Texas) announced today the launch of new consulting services and workshops that focus on the Future of Work, Innovation, and Talent Acquisition and Employment for Professionals with Dyslexia.

The founder of Dillon 5, Tiffany Sunday, who is dyslexic and neurodiverse, stated, “Our focus is to help companies think differently. Artificial intelligence and automation are rapidly transforming our employment models and definition of work. For enterprises and organizations, developing employment models and programs design to harness the innovative talents of professionals who naturally think differently like dyslexics are crucial to ensuring long-term sustainability.”

The Workshops are designed to educate teams and professionals on these topics with the consulting services focused on developing programs and strategies.

Dillon 5 LLC is an Innovation Strategy Company.  Our mission is to foster innovation and encourage creativity.