Highlander School – Guest Contributor
Nov 1 2018
Highlander School Tour



Central Standard Time



Highlander School
9120 Plano Road
Dallas, Texas 75238

We would like to invite you to take a tour of Highlander School this fall. (3 years old–6th grade)

NEXT TOUR: Tuesday, Nov. 6th from 8:45 A.M.–10:00 A.M. Call 214-348-3220 to reserve your space today or schedule a private tour.


We believe …

-that school is family.
-that Jesus is our Savior.
-that a good teacher is still the best teaching tool.
-that interactive learning is getting your hands dirty.
-in playing outside.
-in reading the classics.
-in putting pencil to paper.
-in character, honor, and integrity.
-in respecting one another.
-in your child.