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Not to raise any more false hope but it looks like the Lake Highlands Town Center may actually be getting underway soon in the spring of 2012. The city of Dallas is applying for a $13,350,000 Section 108 Guaranteed Loan to fund development for Phase I construction of the town center.

The city hopes that Phase I construction will begin in April 2012 and will include the grocery anchor, retail stores and restaurants. All in all, more than 165,000 square feet of space will hopefully be constructed around 460 permanent jobs will be created as well.

All of the infrastructure for the Lake Highlands Town Center has already been finished, including site grading, sanitary and storm sewer installation, franchise utility installation, installation of all streets and streetscapes and landscape. The DART light rail station that opened in December 2010 has exceeded ridership expectations. For a while now, all that’s been left was to actually get stores and restaurants to settle in the town center.

Phase I construction is expected to last about 20 months. The city believes that Phase I will be completed sometime in November 2013. To read more about this new development, check out the City of Dallas website.

Photo from Lake Highlands Town Center

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