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Countless amounts of booths and vendors were neatly arranged in the compact space and their wares were arranged so that they almost beckoned guests to stop and shop. Hundreds of people milled about in the tight aisles, their eyes darting all around, searching for something to catch their eye. And best of all, all of this happened in the air-conditioned comfort of Forest Meadow Junior High.

Market in the Meadow – the largest fundraiser that the Forest Meadow Junior High PTA puts on annually – was held this past weekend, October 15-16, in the school’s gymnasium. The event hosted over 150 vendors that sold a variety of goods ranging from clothing to jewelry to art and even homemade foods. Admission to the event was free and thousands of people flocked to the school over the two days. All proceeds from the event benefited the Forest Meadow PTA.

There was a sense of community amongst the throngs of buyers and sellers. This was an event for Lake Highlands, by Lake Highlands. Many of the vendors hail from the Dallas-area and most of the shoppers call Lake Highlands home.

Even the other Lake Highlands schools pitched in to help. The cheerleading squads from Forest Meadow, Lake Highlands Junior High, Lake Highlands Freshman Center and Lake Highlands High School all made appearances on Saturday. The Forest Meadow Charger Band and Jazz Band played a few tunes and the Highlandettes made an appearance and performed a routine.

All that walking and talking and shopping was sure to make anyone hungry but Forest Meadow came prepared. Food was on sale from Picasso’s Pizza and Chick-Fil-A while White Rock Coffee provided the drinks and snacks.

Market in the Meadow had the scale and grandeur of a bustling bazaar, and it was thanks to the Lake Highlands community that the event was a success. Check out some of the pictures taken at Market in the Meadow over the weekend.

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