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The students and families of Moss Haven Elementary School recently gathered to help dedicate a new farm on the school grounds. The students pitched in on the garden plots of their respective classes while learning about science, school history and the great outdoors.

The Moss Haven Farm is one of 118 similar garden farms around the country that are affiliated with the American Heart Association's Teaching Gardens program. The program teaches students about eating healthy and growing organic foods in the hopes of creating healthy eating habits earlier in life.

The Moss Haven PTA, Whole Foods and the Heart Association all collaborated on the Moss Haven Farm. The next big project for the farm is an ambitious one: build a 1,000-gallon galvanized steel water tower to provide the garden with an environmentally friendly water supply. For that project, parents and volunteers are trying to get the help of Richardson ISD's Facility Services Department.

The school is seeking donations of gardening supplies (wheelbarrows, rakes, spades) to provide the students. Contact the Moss Haven Farm ( to contribute.

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