TRX Suspension Training has been spreading like wildfire across America's major cities, and Positively Fit Lake Highlands is one of the first companies to bring this fitness modality to DFW. Developed by a Navy SEAL, TRX is a revolutionary fitness tool that offers an intense, full-body strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility workout - a perfect cross training tool.

Because of its proximity to White Rock Lake and family-friendly environment, Lake Highlands is a home to runners, cyclists, and athletes of all types. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important part of this community, as evidenced by the growing number of fitness companies popping up, the elementary school gardens and chicken coops, and the outdoor fitness events with a large Lake Highlands presence. There's no reason why we shouldn't be on the cutting edge of this new technology - suspension training, which uses body weight instead of dumbbells or barbells to engage the core throughout the entire workout.

Located near Forest Lane and Greenville Ave, Positively Fit Lake Highlands is opening a series of TRX classes in a comfortable space with eight training stations. Classes will consist of 45 minutes of intense, total-body strength and muscle work. Beginners and old pros of all fitness levels are invited to come "kill it" with upper and lower body work that will increase strength, develop muscle, and increase flexibility. Contact to register or get on the waiting list for a class. For more information, click here.