ewalsh – Guest Contributor
Oct 14 @ 1:36 pm
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With many Dallasites still working from home and many also helping with virtual school work, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done! You won’t be winning “Yard of the Year” this round and you've been meaning to update your cable speed for faster service since March, since everyone needs Wi-Fi all the time now. There must be a better way to manage everything that has to get done. Manorly, Dallas' premier home concierge service, is the extra set of hands Dallasites need right about now. With Manorly, tackling tasks such as landscape sprucing, cleaning the gutters, and having the plumbing repaired is a snap.

Manorly offers 100% personalized and convenient services tailored to each individual homeowners' needs which includes:
- Access to Manorly's trusted network of highly-skilled subcontractors
- Coordination and oversight of any and all maintenance, repairs, installations, landscaping, renovations

And, with the holidays right around the corner, Manorly can assist with hanging Christmas lights, updating your holiday decorations and sprucing up your curb appeal with fresh shrubs and mulch before your guests arrive.
For more information about Manorly and the home concierge service, visit