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Limber Studio
Casa Linda Plaza - 9540 Garland Rd. #402
Dallas, Texas 75218

Limber Studio is the first of it's kind 'Movement & Recovery' studio in the Casa Linda Plaza to help people who don't move enough - to move and those who already move - to move better. If you're not as active that you want to be due to injuries, weight issues, lack of motivation, illness, job/home time commitments, dislike the gym environment...this is a place to help you get started. If you're already active but always sore, injured, tight and don't want to take time off then this is a place to recover and feel better. One of the products, Power Plate, is a certified medical device that helps with visceral fat loss, decrease arterial stiffness, increase HGH levels, balance, circulation, decrease cortisol levels, lymphatic flush...all things that can help improve your situation.

My classes are small, instructor lead and only 30 minutes. Everyone gets two complimentary enrollments to see how they feel. Stop by or call and see firsthand how I can help improve the quality of your life. 

Limber Studio - "It's not working out, it's working in."