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Synthetic turf is an easy way to make the green choice when it comes to landscaping any portion around your house! Here are ways to utilize synthetic turf to decrease your water usage and carbon footprint:


  1. Decrease Your Water Usage


When looking at the breakdown of your water usage, typically 75% of the bill is from water that was used outside the house to take care of the landscaping. In fact, to maintain a yard year-round, it is not unusual to use around 44,000 gallons of water. Not only does this affect your bottom line, but also the environment if you live in a drought ridden region. No longer will you have to worry about what days and times your sprinklers go off in fear of a fine from the city.


  1. Minimal Upkeep


No water. No lawn service. No brown spots. If you do start to notice your synthetic turf looking worn or dirty, simply spray down with water and brush up the fibers. This does not have to be done often, just when needed at your discretion. Take the time that would have been allotted to lawn care and allocate it for other items that bring joy.


  1. No Harmful Chemicals


Gone are the days of using weed killers and pesticides that go directly into the water table. Throughout the life of synthetic turf, you have the option to use cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly and not toxic to pets, humans and other animals.


  1. Reduce Carbon Footprint When It Comes to Heating and Cooling Your Home


Did you know you can install synthetic turf on your roof? If you choose to do so, you will lower your carbon footprint as synthetic turf acts as an insulator. In the summer, it will keep the cold air in and in the winter it will keep the heat in. This not only impacts your carbon emissions, but will help cut your energy costs. If you have rooftop access, you can even maximize your space by creating a rooftop patio.


  1. Cancel your lawn service


Continue lowering your emissions by being able to cancel your lawn service or selling your lawn care tools! According to the EPA, one gas lawn mower emits 89 pounds of CO2 and 34 pounds of other pollutants per year and that is just the lawn mower! What about the blower, edgers and the many other tools that are used just for your lawn?


Looking to install turf as a solution to lower your carbon footprint and decrease water usage? Lone Star Synthetic Turf can help you! Located in Dallas, Texas and servicing the surrounding area, Lone Star Synthetic Turf has been in business over a decade. They look to provide synthetic turf solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. For more information call (214) 341-4332. 


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