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You are in the process of creating the perfect backyard oasis and just put in a brand new pool, but what about the surrounding landscape? How do you keep your pool looking nice without dirt in the bottom? Why not look into synthetic turf? Here are five reasons to consider synthetic turf in your backyard with a pool!

  1. Never Slippery

    You have to be thinking this isn’t true, but it really is! Synthetic turf is constantly being air dried as water slides through tiny fibers which ensures that the turf doesn’t become a slip and slide!

  2. Dirt Free

    Synthetic turf does not require dirt to be in any part of the process. The only dirt that can enter your pool would be from flower beds or trees which can all be worked around when installing turf. When installing turf, organic materials such as natural grass and other organic materials are removed and replaced with drain tile, infill, padding, backing and turf fiber. All of which are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

  3. Easy Upkeep

    Not only for the turf, but also the pool! By choosing synthetic turf, this makes sure that no organic materials enter your pool and mess with the chemical balance inside! Ultimately this will lower your pool chemical expense.

  4. No Puddles

    As mentioned above, the drain tile will ensure puddles do not form and no standing water will remain on top in the event of rain, playing, etc. This helps retain the integrity of work as well as prevent mosquito breeding grounds. 

  5. Absorbs Impact

    Worried about your friends and family playing while wet on the turf? No fear needed! Even if they were to fall while playing the turf provides extra protection with the many layers of padding and filtration underneath.

Looking to install turf around your pool? Lone Star Synthetic Turf can help you! Located in Dallas, Texas and servicing the surrounding area, Lone Star Synthetic Turf has been in business over a decade. They look to provide synthetic turf solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. For more information call (214) 341-4332. 


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