Here is a video of a young man named AIdan playing "Day Tripper" by the Beatles. 

The thing about Aidan is that has only recently turned nine years old. He had been taking lessons for only seven months when this video was made. (The holidays prevented me posting it earlier.) This young man deserves all the credit for his ability to perform this, with no sheet music by the way, because he did all the work. I showed him how and encouraged him, but lessons are only thirty minutes long. It's the work in between the lessons that made him able to do this.

I often tell my students, "There are wishers and wanters. The wishers go around wishing they could do a certain thing, but the wanters work at it."

That's what Aidan did. That's what any student can do. It's an attitude, rather than an apptitude. People ask me how I was able to progress when I was learning. The answer is three simple words: one more time. I knew if I could do it one more time, I could get it closer to the way I wanted it. I never watched the clock to see how long I had worked on soimething. I was often surprised when I would hear my Mom call me to dinner, because I started at four o'clock!

I also tell my students that I never practiced, I played. It didn't sound very good at first, but the more I played, the better it sounded. I would really like to help you learn to play guitar, piano, bass, or banjo. Just give me a call at 469-855-6865 or visit my website,

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