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Steven's Park was the site for the 15th Annual Oak Cliff Lions Club Golf Tournament Tuesday, October 6, 2015. The club meets every Wednesday at noon at Weiss Auditorium on the Methodist Medical Center Campus.

The Oak Cliff Lions Club meets at Weiss Auditorium on the campus of Methodist Hospital in Oak Cliff at noon each Wednesday. But on Tuesday, October 6, the club members were at Steven's Park Golf Club, raising money for local and international charities. 

Zachary Thompson, Directory of Dallas County Health and Human Service is the speaker on October 7 at Weiss Auditorium. 

Reuben Esquivel, Vice President of Corporate and Community Relations at UT Southwestern Medical School, with Alex Lyda, of the Center for Vital Longevity, will be speaking on “Cuba: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” On October 14th.

Lion Club President Carol Donovan, the 7th female to be elected in the 86 year history of the club to the office, and she spent Tuesday at the 15th Annual Oak Cliff Golf Tournament at Steven's park Golf Club and said, "It’s a fun day and a great way to raise funds for our local and international charities.”

The Oak Cliff YMCA, Meals on Wheels, the Leukemia Association, Vogel Alcove, the Texas Theater, and TeCo Theater are some of the local charities that benefit from the club. Oak Cliff students who live or attend high schools in Oak Cliff also receive scholarships to college from the club. 

Anyone interested in hearing these speakers and meeting the members of the Oak Cliff Lions Club can contact Secretary Sara Kitto at: or you can call 214-947-2921.


PHOTO: l-r Oak Cliff Lions Club President Carol Donovan and Lions Club President Past District Governor Wayne Meachum greet golfers at the Annual Lions Club Tournament.

L to right: Oak Cliff Lion Judy Porter and Past President Mike Lott at enjoy the beautiful day at Steven’s Park Golf Club where the 15th Annual Oak Cliff Lions Club Tournament was held Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

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