A Simpler Wedding = A More Extravagant Honeymoon!

100-year old Villa Blanca a "new" wedding site that offers more for less

It’s wedding season and the average cost of a wedding in Dallas is $24,692, which for many, is their entire annual starting salary out of college.

“That’s just ridiculous,” says professional photographer, Candice White, “I think we can do it better for less!”

White, a member of Oak Cliff Women in Business, lives in a century-old stunner of a home that sits back off the quiet street she lives on. Her 1900 adobe-styled home is surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens. She rents a bedroom in the main house on Airbnb, called “Far From The Maddening Crowd.” Take a look at the space.

She sees a reason to rent more of her home – and beautiful outdoor space – to local Dallas area residents.

She hopes to help young couples - and couples who are getting married for a second time - by providing an inexpensive, but lovely, venue for a small wedding of up to 50 people.

Her “” website (Keep It Simple) is being designed and will soon be ready for the public.

Another member of the Oak Cliff Women in Business owner, Vicky Gouge, of Full Moon Design Group, is partnering with White to create wedding invitations for couples coming to Villa Blanca. Gouge believes quality does not have to be expensive. “Candice’s property is perfect for a small garden wedding,” she says. “And I’m happy to help her get the word out.” Gouge can also design party invitations for anyone wishing to use Villa Blanca for special dinners, like a rehearsal dinner the night before a wedding. “So much is done by email and Evite today,” she explains, “that paper invitations are obviously a bit superfluous.” Even so, she can design both, if necessary.

Both women want to give those who are looking for something simple, elegant and affordable a chance to have a lovely wedding, without going into debt.

White has had many dinner parties at her home - once used as a speakeasy in the roaring 20’s - and hosted meetings like the Oak Cliff Women in Business group there. “The women in that group are all about service without high expense,” she says with a laugh. “We support each-other’s businesses, and are always looking for a way to help each other be more successful, and save money.”

A local chef couple has agreed to create menus for a wedding reception, should couples want to stay at Villa Blanca for the reception after the back yard wedding, and can also cater rehearsal dinners.  Prices vary, depending on what the wedding party requests. Both professional chefs are employed during the week making food for large groups, and love experimenting on new recipes for parties of up to 50 people on the weekends.

And White is in the process of renovating her cottage on the property, to be used for the wedding party to dress, portraits of bride and bridesmaids to be taken, a bridal boudoir and even a honeymoon suite if the happy couple want to spend the night after their reception. “I’d be thrilled to have them stay the night in a quiet setting after saying goodnight to their guests.”

White adds, “We are now preparing and booking for fall and spring weddings. Give us a call for a preview and planning session!”

Sounds like a win-win for all!


Candice White can be contacted at 214-770-1934; see her website at:

Vicky Gouge can help with your invitations. Contact her at: 214-414-1069, and see her website is Her email

Villa Blanca was featured in the 2011 Oak Cliff Home Tour. See the story here:


PHOTOS: The gardens at Villa Blanca bloom nearly year-round, a perfect setting for an intimate Garden Wedding.

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