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PHOTO L-R: Dallas Police Chief David Brown, Operation Blue Shield Founder Toni Brinker Pickens, Former NYC Police Detective and Fox News Commenter Bo Dietl, and Grand Prairie Police Chief Steve Dye pause for a moment after a meeting at Operation Blue Shield Headquarters in The Preston Commons Towers.

Operation Blue Shield Settles Into New Offices, Opens Lines of Communication Among Local Police Departments

Operation Blue Shield has moved into new office space located at The Preston Commons Towers off Preston Road. The registered 501(C)(3), has been operating for 15 months, and last week began a new chapter in the non-profit’s push to make the city of Dallas a safer place for both first responders and citizens alike.

Toni Brinker Pickens is the Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit dedicated to supporting first responders. OBS is committed to creating, promoting  and funding programs designed to bring about trust, unity and progressive change in the Dallas community—and ultimately, the nation.

The goal of OBS is to unify diverse groups in a shared commitment to public safety. A safer city leads to an increase in small business, improved education and economic development, and an increased accessibility to homeownership. OBS believes a safer city is a better city, which results, simply, in more jobs created.

OBS has several Outreach programs which are used to connect, educate and empower community stakeholders: citizens, local businesses, public officials, non-profits, schools, churches, first-responders and law enforcement. The common goal is to make positive, forward-thinking social infrastructure changes to benefit all.  

Dallas Police Chief David Brown and Grand Prairie Police Chief Steve Dye are committed to Operation Blue Shield’s goal of making the metroplex a safer place to live and work.

Operation Blue Shield promotes these meetings of different groups and agencies to help them to work better, together, to make all Texas cities safer. This fall OBS will begin a program in local schools to teach students how to respond to a police officer without fear.

For more information, or to donate, see: or e-mail: or follow @OpBlueShield

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