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In September Forbes Magazine released a special centennial issue featuring “The World’s 100 Greatest Living Business Minds.” Over the past century, Forbes has been recording the most pivotal moments in business, inspiring the doers to help change the world for the better. The issue recognized innovators who have left a lasting impact on business and the world, including T. Boone Pickens. On Saturday, Pickens will receive another honor, at the sold-out Reagan Day Dinner, from the Dallas County Republican Party, in recognition of his ongoing support. Vice President Mike Pence is the keynote speaker.

Pickens says he's "Honored to Receive the 2018 Fred Meyer Lifetime Achievement Award." 

Boone Pickens will be honored in a ceremony on Saturday, February 17, 2018, as the 5th recipient of the Fred Meyer Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Dallas County Republican Party. The ceremony will be at the sold out 2018 Reagan Day Dinner at the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas, featuring Keynote Speaker, Vice President Mike Pence.

A successful oilman and investment manager for decades, Pickens has become a well-known and respected Philanthropist using much of his personal wealth to benefit others. Pickens said receiving the award would be an honor and a true source of pride.

"Fred Meyer was a friend for decades,” Pickens said, “We worked side by side to make the Republican Party in Dallas and across our state both strong and effective. This was a shared passion and his leadership continues to inspire new generations of conservatives.”

Missy Shorey, Chairman of the Dallas County Republicans, said, “This prestigious award is well-deserved by Dallas’s own Boone Pickens. He is the embodiment of the award.”

The award recognizes a member of the Republican party who has made significant contributions to the efforts of the GOP in local, state and national elections.

Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Jim Oberwetter was the first Fred Meyer Lifetime Achievement Award recipient in 2014. Prior to becoming an Ambassador, he was the president of the Dallas Regional Chamber. He began his love for politics in 1960 after his high school teacher in tiny Paducah, Texas picked him to play the role of Richard Nixon in a mock debate.

Other recipients include Ambassador Jeanne Johnson Phillips in 2015, Jim Frances in 2016 and Dallas businessman and Philanthropist Harold Simmons in 2017.

For more information on the Dallas County Republican Party, follow the GOP on Twitter @DallasGOP, or on Facebook, or visit or call: (214) 369-9555


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