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Nicole "Nic" Cronkite has volunteered in hundreds of different organizations in the past few years and says, “I did everything, from a date auction for the Dallas Dietician Association fundraiser to trail work, managing booths, stretching long distance racers, yoga with kids, working at Twelve Hills Reserve and volunteering with Operation Turkey and the Christmas Soup Mobile Angel.” She finds Joy in helping others to stay healthy so they can volunteer too, and spread more joy!

Are You Living in Joy? Lakewood Resident Nicole "Nic" Cronkhite Can Show you How

Wellness: the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal; encouraging a lifestyle that promotes wellness 


Everyone should live in Joy.

Nicole “Nic” Cronkhite believes this and lives her life with a positive message, to help those who aren’t joyful to find their joy.

One way she creates joy is to help others. “I looove community service!” she says--and making the world a more beautiful place. “I pick up trash regularly and am always giving clothes, food or flowers to the homeless throughout the year. I give other donations to the Genesis Women’s Shelter. I volunteer with Operation Turkey, an all-volunteer organization that helps feed and clothe the hungry, and I donate to the Texas Food Bank.”

Nic grew up volunteering at the Tyler Cancer Center doing several tasks.  And she’s been a part of some local land conservation projects: Dallas Off-Road Bike Association, working on land maintenance, trail building, merchandising, and as an event coordinator. She also has volunteered with the Twelve Hills Nature Center off Mary Cliff Road; a local nature preserve that is described as “a little slice of heavenly tranquility.” 

She says, “If there is ever anything or anyone that I see I can help with, I usually do. Afterall... Everything is better when we can come together and create better environments!”


Sometimes it’s as simple as smiling at a friend who feels down; listening to someone depressed or in pain; or helping someone with a migraine overcome it without dramatic intervention. 

Nic helped a woman seeking migraine help who was going to try Botox injections to relieve her pain. “She decided to work with me first.  Through craniosacral therapy her head tension released, and cerebral spinal fluid flowed to where her body was able to heal, and function and the migraines ceased.”


Nic has a holistic approach to joy and teaches yoga. She currently helps two people who have had hip replacements. Through her guidance they have made a big recovery in the rehabilitation of their bodies with the new hardware while also creating strength, stability and awareness through the body.  

She works with several athletes establishing and maintaining proper muscle and body alignments through bodywork therapy and their assigned “homework.” “Now these athletes are able to perform at a higher level with great efficiency in the way their body moves in their sport and daily activities.”

Born in Tyler and raised most of her childhood in the country of east Texas in Flint, her family moved to the 'Big city' of Tyler when she was in the 8th grade. She has a sister, Courtney, 23, and brother Caleb, 21. Nic lives in Lakewood now.


Growing up, Nic says, “I had a lot of ideas as a kid, and all had something to do with being a part of something to help or shine in the world.” A career as a singer, business owner, animal vet and rescue, psychologist, fashion leader, all were considered. “I always had an intrinsic feeling that I was supposed to help people, animals and or the world.” At 23 she discovered her life’s goal: that she would help others through wellness!

Graduating from Robert E. Lee High School at 17 after concentrating in art and band, she left with some college classes already completed. She attended Tyler Junior College and then the University of North Texas; North Central Texas College, and a semester at TWU. She studied, art, business, general studies and psychology. This combination of courses helps her work with others, encouraging them to find their joy in different ways. 

A member of Oak Cliff Women in Business, the group seeks to strengthen the communal ties of the female business leaders and owners in the Oak Cliff area by fostering friendships first then supporting businesses of our friends. Nic works with several members of the group to keep them healthy and full of Joy, despite their stressful lives as business owners. Nic leads them in Yoga and meditation to help them stay strong mentally, spiritually and physically.


Nic has been through tough times herself but doesn’t focus on them anymore. “The lessons I gained from those times gives me an awareness of knowing myself and my life and I am incredible grateful for the growth and perseverance I experienced.” She notes that each obstacle in life requires different tactics. “Just acknowledge what feels right and move forward in the direction of your life.”

One strategy is to be creative in your own life. Do what you love. Nic paints, creates art and dream catchers, and makes natural body care products like bath salts and muscle recovery salves. She takes time to read and write and loves to do little things for others or the community to add some brightness. Nic enjoys staying active with various exercises and mountain biking while staying balanced with yoga and meditation.

A single entrepreneur, she would love to be a foster mom one day, but until then she has her “Animal babies” to keep her happy: Burma shave her 10.5 yr old dog, is a basenji mutt who came to Nic at 5 weeks old; Wicked her black cat that turns three on Halloween, and Apollo her half-moon rainbow beta fish and he is about four.

Having pets is one source of Joy for Nic – and most people –according to research. Just owning a dog can help you live longer. She says she uses her own life journey of becoming--and how good it feels--to help others. “I love seeing people live in joy. To feel good is such a delight. I am just honored that I get to be a part of their journey--and they a part of mine.”


A long-term member of Oak Cliff Women in Business, you can meet Nic at their next meeting on November 6 at 6:00 p.m. at Art Mission Oak Cliff. See the OCWIB Facebook page or Call 214-414-1069.

To help with Operation Turkey this season, call: 1-866-OpTurk1 or

Nic has a retreat coming up at the end of this month. Ever feel like a black sheep in your family? Come to the all inclusive Black Sheep weekend retreat, connect with self, nature and others who feel the same while we step out of the societal ordinary and into an integrated self through the holiday and life hustle.

To contact Nic directly, see her website 
Or contact her at:


Judy Porter writes about local heroes, nonprofits and small businesses. Contact her at  Her specialty is getting high school seniors into the college of their choice through well-written student biography. Contact her for more info.

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