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After five years in a bad relationship, single mother Jamesha got out and is now in the driver's seat of her life, with a new job in the Law Firm of Lauren Cadilac Medel PLLC and with husband Juriel Black. Jamesha's expertise as a paralegal is growing and she is committed to helping other struggling single parents who need legal assistance. She is the joyful mother of five now, and has two "bonus" children whom she loves like her own that came when she married Juriel.

Jamesha Black returns to School to Gain a New Career, Joins all-Female Law Firm of Lauren Cadilac Medel PLLC, Coaches Little League


Jamesha Black spent five years in a bad relationship and finally realized she had to get out.

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired,” she admitted to herself then—and now.

With four kids in tow, she did what many are afraid to do: recognize her relationship was a mistake, and move back home.

Born in Galveston, Texas, and raised between Fort Worth and Houston, Jamesha is the oldest of four children: her brother, Justin, 28, is battling Multiple Sclerosis, and she has twin siblings, Shayla and Skylar, 26.

Jamesha wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, “but after taking some medical classes in high school I quickly had a change of heart!” she says with a laugh. She attended Klein High School, 30 miles from downtown Houston, and Mansfield Timberview, then went on to trade school at Arlington Career Institute, to get her Paralegal Certification. She is currently perusing her Associates at Dallas County Community College.

Jamesha says about her career, “When I found out what a Paralegal was, I was instantly drawn to it. My younger brother had gotten into some legal trouble and I wanted nothing more than to help him.”

She explains, “I’ve always thought that sometimes good people make dumb decisions, but that shouldn’t mean the end of their life. I started out only wanting to do Criminal law, but as the years have progressed I have found Estate Planning, Business Formation, Litigation, Probate and Family law to be enjoyable. Any way that I can give light to a dark situation brings me joy.”

Her sincere hope to help others also lead her to the Law office of Lauren Cadilac, an Oak Cliff attorney who practices Business, Probate, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Property Tax Protests, and much more. Jamesha recently was hired into the all-female law firm, and looks forward to working with the caring staff. Jamesha began her new career in law working at the firm in June of 2017 and says she “Loves it!”

And her new boss loves her. “Jamesha is an incredibly hard worker and has a sharp legal mind.” Ms. Cadilac says. “Together we make a great team!”

Outside of work her life now revolves around her husband, Juriel Black, and her five children.

“Yes, I have five little ‘mini-me’s’!” Jamesha says with a laugh.

Jariah is the oldest at 12, and is attending a wonderful STEAM school in Dallas. “She plays basketball and is also the Captain of her Cheer squad.” Anaysia is 11 “and is my little fire cracker. She also cheers and loves spending time creating music and watching Youtube videos.” Anthony is 10, “and my future Texas Ranger. He has been playing baseball since he was three.”

Tavares is nine years old and “hasn’t really found his sports niche yet, but he loves cars!” his proud mom says.

Jamesha adds, “Just when I thought I was done having kids, I got married, and two years later I started alllllll over again and had my last ray of sun shine, Peyton, who is three.” Jamesha admits the baby runs the household.

In addition to her five, Jamesha says, her husband Juriel has two children whom she adores: Jamel, age 12, and Zaniyah, 11. “When we got married, we were both ‘package deals.’” She explains, “And although they don’t live with me, I love them as I do my own.”

Jamesha admires actress Taraji P. Henson, famous for her character “Cookie” in the TV drama Empire, and would love to meet her one day. “As a once single mother, trying to start over and make it happen for her babies, she completely resonates with me.”

One thing most people don’t know about Jamesha is that she was placed in the Gifted and Talented Program in Kindergarten. “I went to a school that taught me half the day in English, and the other half in Spanish. I have carried my Spanish with me throughout my life and it completely trips people out that I know it.”

She is also a little league baseball coach. She grew up playing baseball and softball and so coaching has been her way of actively maintaining her love for the game.

Her long five years in a bad relationship has molded her into the strong mother that she is today. What will the next five years bring her? “That is such a mystery to me right now,” Jamesha says. But she knows it will include helping other single moms navigate through difficult waters.


Jamesha can be contacted at the The Law Office of Lauren C. Medel, PLLC at: or by calling (972) 845-1200. 

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