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Aaron and Debra Meek are a typical couple raising two kids and occasionally enjoying a family vacation like this one to Disneyland in 2016. Debra works at her church in Student and College Ministries, along with volunteering at multiple local agencies to help everyone from elderly widows to low-income children--and now as Campaign Manager for her husband, Aaron, running for Dallas County Sheriff.

Wife, Mother, Volunteer, Campaign Manager Debra Carroll Meek is an Inspiration!

Quiet, gentle, and patient like her last name, Debra Meek is a champion for others.

A Native Texan, Debra loves her life behind the scenes helping those who need her.

Born in Cleburne, she was raised in Athens, Corsicana, Irving and The Colony before she moved to Cedar Hill where she’s lived since she got married at the age of 21.

Debra grew up with her sister Amy Carroll (Nash) and attended Shady Grove Christian Academy in Grand Prairie, where she decided what she wanted to be when she grew up: a teacher.

She attended Dallas County Community College after graduating high school, but along the way bumped into a man who would change the course of her life.

“I was tagging along with a friend who was going out with a group of classmates on a Friday night before they all went back to college,” Debra says. “And at dinner I ended up spilling an entire glass of tea in front of Aaron -- which is why he always moves my glass at the table!”

Her clumsiness and subsequent apology charmed Aaron, who realized Debra’s innate kindness immediately. The two were soon a couple and then married. Sixteen years later, she is now mother of two, Bobby Joe, 14, and Katie Belle, 12, and her “favorite” child, 90-pound lap dog Mac.

Although she took a break from her University studies to marry and raise children (she plans to return to college one day soon) Debra is currently a Ministry Assistant for the Student & College Ministries at Hillcrest Baptist Church, as well as helping run her husband’s campaign for Sheriff. 

Debra never dreamed of a future in politics, but that is exactly where she is today, managing her husband’s quest to become the next Dallas County Sheriff. Her weekends are filled with activities that includes family life, church ministry and campaign stops.

It’s a lot. Last weekend she was directing multiple projects and dozens of volunteers including cleaning and organizing the Bridges Safe House, and the Tri-City Animal Shelter; planting flowers at Crescent Place Memory Care Unit; working at two widows’ homes from her church; and supervising the sewing ministry at her church along with a couple of projects that needed to be done in the Student Building.

Debra knows it’s a crazy schedule, but says, “I do what I do because I LOVE what I do, and God has placed these callings on my life.” She explains, “Whether it’s being a wife, mom, cookie/cake lady, costume maker, embroidery lady, serving at church, campaign manager and whatever else is thrown my way, my biggest joy is seeing the smiles on the faces of those I am honored to have the opportunity to serve.”

She prefers to help others and stay out of the spotlight.  “I don’t want the attention.  I just want to serve and support those who need it most.”

When she’s not directing dozens of volunteers, baking, sewing or campaigning with her husband, Debra admits “I love to read--even though I don’t have a lot of time to do it these days! I also LOVE anything crafty, and baking is a huge stress reliever for me--a form of therapy you could say.”

Where will she be in ten years? She hopes her pastor is right. He recently called her “Mrs. Sheriff,” a title she’ll earn when Aaron becomes Sheriff of Dallas County, should his campaign be successful.

Debra is ready to support Aaron in her role as “Mrs. Sheriff” as she has supported him since the day they got married.  “I love doing all the things I currently do and unless God lays it on my heart to stop, I’ll continue.  It’s who I am.”

Her family, neighbors, church friends and volunteers are glad to hear it—and will be right there beside her as she continues her whirlwind of helping others and making the world a better place.

"Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve." -- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

To learn more about Debra and Aaron Meek see the website: 

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