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Rise Nyren, on left, has been tutoring students for nearly two decades, from 1st grade through college. She attended the graduation of one of her students at SMU last year, in 2019. Her advice to parents can help them be the best Home School Teachers they can be. She's made a list of Top Ten Tips for Home School Teachers she is happy to share.

Home Schooling Parents Take Comfort: Professional Tutor Rise Nyren can Help

Don’t tear your hair out – call for help! This Professional Tutor is ready to RISE to the occasion.

As parents all over America struggle to Home School their children, a veteran of the process can give true hope—and advice—to these new teachers.

Rise Nyren has been professionally tutoring children of all ages for nearly two decades. She is ready to help parents who are stuck inside with their children and desperate for help.

Born in New York, New York, Rise laughs, “I lived there all of six months!” She was raised along with her two sisters Jennifer Potts Nicholson and Julie Potts Hoffman in Southern California mostly, with a detour to Nebraska and to Chicago for one year each.

Growing up, Rise wanted to be an artist and a pediatrician or a veterinarian and was planning to adopt six children and having six of her own. She admits, “By the time I was in high school I had switched to the more practical interest of theater. LOL!”

At Tustin High School in Tustin, California, she was in cross country, on student council, and in the Thespian club. In theater she directed and acted in plays and oversaw costumes for large productions. She remembers, “I loved every aspect of the theater department!”

Few people know she won “Best One-Act Play” while in high school, playing a housewife who lives in a glass house, which closes in around her, representing the expectations of society stifling a person. It almost appears as a metaphor for what is happening today with parents quarantined in their homes and forced to teach their children subjects they know little about.

On the other end of the spectrum, Rise also played “Hot Lips Houlihan” in a production of Mash!

She briefly attended the University of Santa Barbara for a year and a half after high school as a theater major. “But, because I had to work, quit college to figure out a way to do theater, work, and attend college.”

She ended up at the University of North Texas. Rise majored in English literature and history and was nominated for English Undergraduate Student of the Year. She received many scholarships, including: the Ledbetter Scholarship, the Heritage Scholarship, the College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship, and the Department of English scholarship.

She was a member of the Golden Key and Phi Alpha Theta Honor Societies and was on the National Dean’s List and the President’s List.

After college, Rise took part in the ACT Houston at Dallas, an alternative teaching certification program in Dallas. She studied for the middle school generalist certification test offered in 2008, scoring a 280 out of 300.

She’s been a professional tutor since 2003. She understands that now, more than ever, her skills are needed.

She says, “I love tutoring and the difference I can make in children’s lives. It is amazing how much can be accomplished at home by combining different subjects and reinforcing their learning through writing across the curriculum.”

She explains, “My passion is to communicate and to reach out to others. That can mean to interpret literature or history to children, to learn a new language, or to act in a play by August Strindberg. I often teach children, but I love to communicate to everyone.”

Although she works mainly with children, she even helped a student throughout his time at SMU to obtain his college degree.

She raised her daughter, Hannah, as a single mother, and is proud of her. Hannah is a Digital Marketing Manager in Boston and Rise says, “She loves books, also!” In fact, the toughest time in Rise’s life was when she was left alone to raise her little girl. She overcame it with activity: “I threw myself into the kind of mom I’d always wanted to be and took in a few extra children to give them a wholesome, educational environment.”

Rise has lived all over north Dallas. “I lived on historical Swiss Avenue near Lakewood when I first moved to Dallas. I love Lakewood! A great walking neighborhood!” She’s also lived in Carrollton and in Plano in a few neighborhoods: Bunker Hill Estates, The Marquis (condominiums at Park and Preston), Parker Road Estates.

At home, Rise lives with her miniature Dachshund, Sparkle, ten years old, who she says is extremely loyal and friendly. To relax, Rise writes poetry. If she could meet anyone, she says she’d like to like to meet those who have great wisdom: C.S. Lewis, Sir Isaac Newton, Anne Bronte.

Rise hopes in five years, she’ll still be happily teaching and sharing with her students.  And in ten years, “I will be working or retired overseas. Ideally, I will have a combination of both with part-time remote work.”

For today, she is happy to help parents who are going stir crazy with trying to teach their own children. She has a Top Ten Tips list for parents who are teaching their children at home.

Contact her at

Or text 859-684-0870 for advice or help. Just know that you are not alone – there IS help.


Judy Porter, MBA, is a former teacher and a Dallas writer who loves to share stories about local heroes, non-profits and businesses.

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