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Lake Highlands dad Jay Walker tries out the TRX Suspension Training System. Photo Credit Craig Cislo @ C&C Photo Factory, 2013.

Positively Fit Lake Highlands opened our TRX Suspension Training Group Fitness classes back in May to resounding success.  As the only TRX Suspension Training studio in Lake Highlands, we are strengthening the bodies of area men and women every morning in our 45-minute classes and keeping Lake Highlands onn the cutting edge of fitness!  Developed by former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, TRX Suspension Training works every muscle of the body while keeping the core constantly engaged.  The very nature of the suspension training system (a set of handles and nylon straps attached to an anchor point on the ceiling)  makes it possible to work men and women of every level simultaneously.  If you are recovering from childbirth or injury, or are already in shape and want to take things to that Navy SEAL level, TRX will work for you. If you enjoy Pilates or Yoga, TRX is right for you.  We invite you to join us for our new offerings in August. 

Beginning August 5th or 6th, we have a Monday and Wednesday 5:30 AM TRX Circuits class, a Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 AM TRX Circuits class, and a 6:15 AM Tuesday and Thursday TRX Body Blast class.  All classes are mixed gender and multi-level. 

CIRCUITS class is a rotation incorporating upper body, lower body, core, and cardio in varying intervals. Gaining strength is the biggest focus in this class, so deepest angles encouraged. BODY BLAST focuses a bit more on cardio work with faster transitions, extra cardio segments, and/or more plyometric (jumping) options for the strength moves. Rest assured that instructors in all classes automatically give modifications for beginners and progressions for more advanced students, and both will give you cardio work in addition to major strength training.

All classes are $140 for the month.  Tell us you heard it here for a $5 discount off your first month. We're filling these classes as fast as we can roll them out, so contact us today at!

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