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The Presbyterian Village North (PVN) Foundation recently made a $2.4 million grant, $740,000 of which has already been funded to Presbyterian Village North, a senior living community in Dallas. The first installment of the grant will be for $740,000 and has been earmarked for the expansion and renovation of the community’s lifestyle fitness center. The lifestyle fitness center is part of a multi-phased expansion project that is expanding and renovating the campus. Overall, the PVN Foundation—an organization developed and governed by residents at Presbyterian Village North—will donate a total of $2.4 million to benefit various aspects of the expansion project. The lifestyle fitness center will be named in honor of Jim and Bess Blanchette who were longtime residents of PVN and exhibits strong, faithful support of the PVN Foundation. Among other things, Jim served as a trustee and officer of the PVN Foundation for many years.  The Foundation recognizes and appreciates the tremendous contributions made by the Blanchettes for the betterment of Presbyterian Village North and its residents.


“This is a significant amount of money that will support the expansion project in ways that will benefit all of our residents,” said Ron Kelly, executive director of Presbyterian Village North. “In addition to assisting with a financial contribution to the lifestyle fitness center, the Foundation will also donate money to renovate the Great Room located at the main entrance of PVN. This will include updates to the library, mailroom, lobby, receptionist desk and interior design. For both phases of the expansion, the Foundation also plans to provide funding for the furniture, fixtures and equipment that will comprise the fitness center and main entrance to PVN. We are so thankful for their contribution, and know these additions and transformations will enrich the lives of our residents and further our wellness initiative.”


Presbyterian Village North’s renewed lifestyle fitness center will include an additional swimming pool, Jacuzzi spa, locker rooms, extended group-exercise area and an expanded cardio and strength training area featuring senior friendly fitness equipment. The building will include a spa suitable for massages and other spa-like activities, a clinic for physicians and other clinicians, and a café with light and healthy menu options. The goal of this building is to integrate the different aspects of wellness by creating a space that combines physical and social experiences with relaxation. The lifestyle fitness center is expected to be completed this summer.


In regards to the Great Room renovations, the PVN Foundation has agreed to make a grant for extending the reception desk so that it is more visible to residents, visitors and staff members. This extension will also give the receptionists additional visibility. The Great Room will have all new flooring, furniture, paint, décor, natural lighting and other additional upgrades. With the expansion of the campus, the community will need to add 104 additional mailboxes to accommodate the new residences, so PVN Foundation’s grant will include revamping the mail room by replacing all of the old boxes with new ones for design consistency.


“The PVN Foundation is a separate entity from our community and our parent organization, Presbyterian Communities and Services,” said Kelly. “It is an organization founded and governed solely by residents who believe that the needs and expectations of the residents should be kept at the forefront. Donations are made by fellow residents, as well as by families wishing to gift a memorial on behalf of a former resident of PVN, or by other generous donors in the surrounding community. A large portion of the funds go toward the Resident’s Assistance Fund, which helps qualifying residents who have outlived their means through no fault of their own. When this happens, the Foundation steps in to help cover their healthcare costs. Most of the time this help is for residents in our healthcare center, as they require higher levels of care that consumes more of their resources.”


The Foundation has also supported some capital projects over the years, and finds value in adding new amenities to the campus as well as renovating areas in need of attention. Three years ago the Foundation renovated all of the assisted living common spaces and updated the independent living dining room. They also support smaller projects, such as allocating funds for guest speakers and entertainment each month.


“We are fortunate to have the support of the PVN Foundation for a multitude of reasons,” said Kelly. “First, we would not be able to kick start this next phase of the expansion project without their help. Second, we truly have a voice for residents and an organization that seeks to fill residents’ needs and requests. They are an integral part of what helps our community sustain changes, and they help us grow. We are extremely thankful for their contributions and are excited to collaborate on these new amenities that will positively impact the lives of all of the residents at Presbyterian Village North.”

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