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Kids go to all kinds of summer camps when they are out of school, camps in which they play their favorite sports or learn how to build fires and tie knots from their youth leaders, but there’s a special camp happening in Dallas this week, where children go to a camp led by seniors. Instead of learning how to row a canoe or play board games, these kids are learning about hobbies that seniors are passionate about – hobbies like playing golf, photography and chess. This camp is held annually at Presbyterian Village North, and it’s called Camp PVN. This camp brings the generations together, so they can both learn from each other. Camp PVN is a summer camp held in partnership with Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church and NorthPark Presbyterian Church. This camp is not only a time for light-hearted intergenerational activities among children and seniors – it was also a time for learning and sharing special gifts. At this camp, generations of families to come together and learn from each other. The senior living community’s goal is for residents to have the opportunity to share meaningful talents, hobbies and knowledge with participating children. They have a wealth of wisdom and stories to tell, and creating these family friendly events and programs provides opportunities for them to connect with the children. It’s equally beneficial, as the children come to love and respect residents from a different generation even more. In return, the residents are uplifted when they see the children exploring the world – taking in their advice and communicating their own fun stories and knowledge with them. The senior living community created Camp PVN so residents and children in 4th through 7th grades could embark on an amazing, intergenerational journey of fellowship. The summer camp aims to foster spiritual fellowship through volunteer work and opportunities to learn and explore, as well as through daily devotionals and Bible study. The camp, now in its eighth year, incorporates outreach projects, “gift hours,” craft projects and time for mixing and mingling.

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