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We are thrilled to announce that Dallas Academy Senior, Daniel Pinkston-Hayes has been accepted into the prestigious World Scholars Program at Delaware University. With his diverse background and exceptional academic achievements, Daniel is poised to make a significant impact on the global stage. In his application, Daniel expressed his gratitude for the opportunities he's had, particularly through his dual enrollment course in Communications at Dallas Academy. “Thanks to my dual enrollment course in Communications provided by Dallas Academy, I have a better understanding of the concepts of intercultural communication and the importance of being understood.  This will help me further the experience that the University of Delaware has provided me while studying abroad.”

Daniel's unique upbringing, undoubtedly contributed to his selection for the program. He reflected on this, saying, “I believe that I was chosen for the World Scholar Program at Delaware because I have lived in so many countries, growing up throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia, 11 countries and counting.”  Delaware University recognizes Daniel's core values as a global citizen and appreciates the unique perspective he brings to the program. In his own words, “I appreciate Delaware for the amazing opportunity that they have given me and as a world citizen, I feel noticed because they see my core values as a part of the emerging world community.” 

We congratulate Daniel on this incredible achievement and look forward to seeing his continued success as he considers the opportunity to take on this new academic journey. His dedication to learning, cultural understanding, and global citizenship exemplify the values of the World Scholars Program and we are so proud of him.

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