Tiffany Sunday is a best selling author of The Road to Somewhere Else, Christmas at Seagull Cafe, To Be Human - Always, Insatiable Conumtpion of Being, Proper Grey Areas, How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future, Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge, and more.

She is internationally known for her 2015 TEDx Talk Dyslexia 2.0: The Gift of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mind and frequently quoted passage from Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge.

Her writing voice is distinctive and best described as eclectic as she transverses multiple nonfiction topics and poetry genres. Her books and blog posts mirrors her renaissance personality. Sunday’s poems, with succinct visual imagery, navigate a woman’s determination to overcome years of shattering experiences to reclaim her strength and individuality with song, powerful language, and defiance. Her poems become unforgettable beacons of self-discovery and independence from the depths of confinement to the pure joy of self-defined identity.

Sunday’s flash fiction and short stories are an imaginative feast, enlightening readers with various story genres. With her understanding of advanced technology, she adds a mysterious and haunting experience to her intriguing dystopian world. She poignantly demonstrates the stripping away of humanity portrayed by a lowly sea bean.

She started writing poetry in fourth grade. She attributes her early influences to her mother who taught high school Honors English and Literature. Sunday finds inspiration from fellow authors, poets, and musicians. A handful of these individuals serve as her muse. For her, reading and writing are a luxury she never takes for granted.

CNN, USA Today, NBC5, CBS11, and quoted by Forbes, Dallas Morning News, Restaurant News, USA Today, Dallas Business Journal, Austin-American Statesmen, and online and print newspapers in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Tiffany Sunday
Announcing the release of Christmas at Seagull Cafe , the latest book from Tiffany Sunday, a holiday-themed novelette. The book cover is original art by...
Tiffany Sunday
For me, books will always be great holiday gifts! Learning to read took time because I’m dyslexic. So, when I was in junior high, my mother started a tradition...
Tiffany Sunday
In September, I decided not to republish Proper Grey Areas. It was my second poetry collection released in 2020. After reviewing the book and discussing the...
Tiffany Sunday
In the box, people are protected by the box. Artistic, creative, visionary thinkers are, by nature, outside the box. I was placed in a box with the lid shut as...
Tiffany Sunday
In the revised second edition of "Insatiable Consumption of Being," Tiffany Sunday's micro stories showcase her endless creative energy. Her poetry, composed...
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