Tiffany Sunday is a speaker, researcher, and TEDx Presenter. She is the author of Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge and You Posted What!?

In her new groundbreaking book, How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future, Tiffany asserts the last competitive edge against the machines is human creativity. Building durable businesses requires a multi-diverse talent pool and creative work culture. Tiffany challenges readers to embrace a paradigm shift when designing the future of work while shattering the definition of literacy and antiquated perception of dyslexia.

She is internationally known for her 2015 TEDx Talk Dyslexia 2:0 The Gift of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mind. Tiffany writes thought-providing books about topics she believes is important.

Tiffany speaks at conferences in the United States and the United Kingdom. She presents at corporate meetings and conducts workshops where she brings the concepts from her research, writings, and books to the real world.

Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge expands Professor Julie Logan’s research about the connection between dyslexia and entrepreneurship. Drawing on dozens of interviews with dyslexic entrepreneurs, professionals, and scholars, Tiffany outlines eight core strengths share by dyslexic individuals. Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge providers readers with a guide on how to use this differently way of thinking as a professional or business edge.

You Posted What!? published in 2014, was one of the first books to discuss the disruption being created by edtech and career development startups. Tiffany offered the only positive digital career roadmap for teens and college students on how to use social media, the Internet, and college matching software applications to launch their career earlier or gain access to the college of their choice.
Tiffany Sunday
Creativity is the Last Competitive Edge Against the Machines Artificial intelligence and automation are transforming every aspect of our world. Tiffany...
Tiffany Sunday
October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. To honor and generate awareness for millions of employees who are dyslexic, I am releasing the book on Tuesday, October 16,...
Tiffany Sunday
Tiffany Sunday is presenting at the 2018 British Dyslexia Association International Conference in Telford, U.K. on Saturday, April 14, 2018 . The title of her...
Tiffany Sunday
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Tiffany Sunday
On Thursday, August 10, I was a guest on Elisheva Schwartz’s Podcast – The Dyslexia Quest. Her show is ranked in the top 30 iTunes podcast shows. We talked...
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