Tiffany Sunday

For the past couple of days, the weather has been perfect—crystal clear skies without a single cloud.  During my run this morning, I was mesmerized by the blue sky radiating from above.

At times, the beauty of the sky was almost unimaginable. I felt an instant feeling of clarity without distraction as I completed my first mile. A sense of peacefulness washed over me as I watched leaves of yellow, auburn, red and gold, gently floated down like snowflakes.  

The morning was accented by birds chattering mixed with children’s laughter from a nearby elementary school. I savored the moment, honoring the beauty of November and its gift of gratitude. Mixed within nature’s bounty was the simple pleasure of being, of not being in a hurry to be somewhere or to be somebody.

I wondered, when does a leaf know when to fall? I’m sure I could Google to find the answer, yet I did not. Instead, I thought about the randomness of the falling leaves outside of any predicted order.

The Importance of November

Throughout our neighborhood, Christmas and holiday decorations share space with turkeys and Halloween pumpkins.  In our rush to rid ourselves of 2020, are we missing the grandeur of November? 

I cannot explain why I am holding out for November and Thanksgiving. Decorative turkeys rest on the dining table, singular in their representation of the Thanksgiving holiday.

As each day passes, I continue to delay putting up holiday decorations and pulling my Christmas coffee mugs from storage. Neighbors and strangers mention in passing how we’re all sprinting to the end of the year while at the same time, feel as if we’re missing something as we race towards 2021. I’m ready for the new year as much as everyone else.  However, my intuition reminds me that each minute of every day is a precious gift.

As I watch the leaves fall and the wind whisper through the trees, I think about the year, the important lessons learned, and how I’ve changed. We must pause and take time to honor November and Thanksgiving for the many blessings we’ve received this year and also the help we’ve given to others.

Although, we’re at home, and appear to be in a constant state of pause, are we taking time to appreciate nature’s beauty that surrounds us? November is a month for reflection and for recognizing even the tiniest moment of gratitude, wonder, and appreciation we encounter, give, and receive every day.

In a week or so, I’ll slowly start pulling out my Christmas decorations.  Until then, I am taking my time to appreciate autumn’s beauty, the fall harvest, and November’s gratitude.

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