Tiffany Sunday

Proper Grey Areas is the anticipated sophomore collection of poetry from Tiffany Sunday. 

Her second volume is a powerful, eclectic collection of poems. This book parallels many categories as readers navigate emotionally charged themes of love, grief, abuse, equity vs. inequity, and pandemic induced stress. Attuned to her craft,

Sunday’s piercing allegory and sophisticated use of lineation demonstrate Sunday as an important new voice. While sheltering in place, she crafted poems that reflected the rawness of our emotions, as we coped with the ongoing pandemic and global events. 

Her use of metaphorical elements throughout Proper Grey Areas' writing conveys meaning beyond the literal as Sunday explores darker emotions offering a comprehensive image of her distinctive writing style. Interwoven within the somber tone are poems celebrating humanity and the simplistic beauty of nature, reminding readers to cherish the gift of being.

Sunday’s poetry is straight forward. Her mission is to offer accessible art for all. Proper Grey Areas is for readers seeking self-reflection, validation, and solace.  

Tiffany Sunday is an American writer, poet, and bestselling author of Proper Grey Areas, Insatiable Consumption of Being, How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future, Dyslexia's Competitive Edge, and You Posted What!? 

Available at bookstores and online retailers. 

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