Tiffany Sunday

In my latest poetry book, To Be Human - Always, several of the writings in the book discuss the question, "if we dared to live the life we seek to live - would we do it?" So, each day I ask myself, am I living the life I seek to live.

Do I really want to spend hours scrolling on social media or spend energy dealing with toxic situations that I can leave? Do I make a stand for myself, my vision, and my personal journey? Do I have the courage to be me?

This week, I made several decisions that enabled me to resume my personal journey, as I had been taken off course. We each have a North Star, an internal guide of where we are headed. I was reminded this week that when times are cloudy, I must trust my inner compass (core principles and vision) to stay on course. All too often, we become caught in the storm of others, and their drama can cause us to detour off our path, which costs us valuable time and resources. 

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