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October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. To honor and generate awareness for millions of employees who are dyslexic, I am releasing the book on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

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How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future

In Tiffany’s new ground-breaking book, How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future, she asserts the last competitive edge against the machines is human creativity. Building durable businesses requires a multi-diverse talent pool and creative corporate culture. Tiffany challenges readers to embrace a paradigm shift in how we are designing the future of work while shattering the definition of literacy and antiquated workplace perceptions of dyslexia.

This book is the result of two years of research focused on the impact of artificial intelligence and automation on employment and the importance of human creativity and problem-solving.

My research uncovered multiple trends ranging from how we are shifting from a text-based intelligence to a visual-based intelligence, to the development of new digital languages and how the use of talent management systems will create defined cognitive employment groups.

Special Pre-Order Giveaways

Click Here to Pre-Order Your Copy 

  • Everyone who purchases a book will be entered into a drawing to receive a free copy of Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge.  Five books will be given away.
  • Companies or organizations, located in Texas, that purchase 100 books or more, I will hand deliver the books and give a presentation.
  • Companies or organizations, located outside of Texas, that purchase 150 books or more, I will fly or drive to your office, deliver the books, and give a presentation.
  • For individuals or schools or groups who purchase 15 books or more will receive a one-hour phone interview. During this hour, I can discuss the book, take questions and offer strategies.

Please post, share or engage in a conversation to help generate awareness in the workplace.  Thank you! in advance for your help and support, the more we share the information, the more awareness we create.

The Pre-Order starts today, Wednesday, October 3 and will end on Tuesday, October 9, 2018, at midnight. All giveaways and specials are only valid for this time period.  

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