Tiffany Sunday

Announcing the release of Christmas at Seagull Cafe, the latest book from Tiffany Sunday, a holiday-themed novelette. 

The book cover is original art by award-winning artist and poet Carol Lynne Knight.  

Story Summary:

Standing outside the Seagull Cafe, Nicole recalls moving halfway across the country to Woods Hole, Massachusetts, to start her life over. She couldn't believe that she was the owner of the cafe, which consumed all of her time. When Theo, a scientist from one of the marine labs, asks her out, Nicole is surprised.

Unbelievably, Nicole finds herself falling for him. Their relationship triggers painful memories of her past and childhood. Nicole becomes immobilized by fear, which impacts the café and her relationship with Theo, causing concern among her new friends.

Two weeks before Christmas, a mysterious woman visits the café, forcing Nicole to confront her past or risk losing the café and herself.

Will Nicole find the strength to overcome her fear and rediscover the joys of Christmas?

Christmas at Seagull Cafe is a limited-edition book available for purchase through December 20th from Tiffany's Square Page

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