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Born in Dallas and raised in Oak Cliff, Karen Watson became a fan of the Republican Party the day she met Ronald Reagan at the Republican National Convention held in downtown Dallas in 1984. She has just been named the Vice Chair of the Dallas County Republican Party.

Dallas Native, Magnet School and UT Graduate, Author and"Politichick" Karen Watson is Proud to be a Republican

Karen Watson became enamored with the Republican Party when she was in high school and too young to vote.

She met Ronald Reagan at the ’84 Republican National Convention in Dallas – as a high school student – and she remembers, “The WHOLE convention had that “WOW” factor!” The theme of the convention was “it’s a new morning in America,” and it resonated with the high school student.

“Reagan had this personality, you felt you knew him, you felt he knew you, he cared, he was incredibly personable,” Karen says, “He won 49 states! Think about that – in this world of division – that was so amazing… We had this feeling of all being together as one in America, the ‘we are the champions’ vibe. There’s a very different feeling in politics today.”

Karen says, “We need this message now: we must share the great story of the Republican Party. Be bold--but speak gently.”

Born and raised in Oak Cliff, Karen attended Government and Law Magnet High School in downtown Dallas before heading off to UT-Austin to obtain her Degree in Liberal Arts with a Speech minor. She became a banker, working first for NationsBank that later merged with Bank America and eventually became Bank of America. Along the way, she decided to start her own mortgage business, Karen Watson Mortgage, in 2004 and currently serves the real estate community in North Texas.

She along with Larry Eng and Mark Aldridge created in 2012, an Internet portal for Republican events nationwide. Her goal is to answer this simple question: “How do we get people to understand what this party is about? That conservative values are the right values for all Americans, regardless of race or gender.”

To this end, Karen, a Texas Politichick, has written three books including, Being Black and Republican in the Age of Obama, How the Democrats stole the black vote and How the Republicans can win it back and Jackass: the true story of the Democrat Party. 


Karen believes that, “If we show people what is going on locally for them – and all politics is local, when you get down to it - you can connect people to the party. Then they can decide for themselves how they want to get involved.”


Growing up in Oak Cliff as one of four children, Karen had an older brother and has two younger siblings. She said the hardest time of her life was when her big brother Andrew died of a heart attack at age 50. Burton and Marian are younger.


She felt fortunate to attend the Government and Law Magnet High School downtown near city hall on Ervay. “There were 17 in my graduating class!” she says with a laugh, so that meant no cliques.

Karen kept busy with a part-time job selling ice cream at a shop called Frozen Fantasies. “It was on the corner of Greenville Avenue and Mockingbird, where the 24-hour Fitness is now. Back then there was a burger shop, a pizza shop, a donut place and my ice cream shop, and we would barter with each other: ‘Want some ice cream? I’ll trade you for a burger.’ It was a lot of fun—and really great ice cream!”

Now her former high school is part of the cluster of schools at Yvonne Ewell Magnet, and has been renamed the Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet.

Karen admits she didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up and is still deciding whether to run for political office one day. As a single woman with only a “fur baby” – her dog Ruby, a lab-collie mix – she can work unusual and long hours that a demanding campaign requires.

Karen proud is a member of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) and is grateful for all the work they have done to expand the Republican Party.

“The first contact I had with them was with a woman named Michele over the phone. She invited me to come to Shreveport, Louisiana, to her lunch meeting, and because I hate to drive, I took a friend along.” She says she had no idea where Shreveport was, and once she got to the restaurant for the meeting, she and Larry waited for others to arrive.

“Michele came in and went back out and then came in again,” Karen laughs, “Then she came over to me and said, ‘Are you Karen?’ We’d spoken on the phone many times, but had never seen each-other, so she didn’t know what to expect.”

Michele went on to say, ‘You know, I just never for once thought you were black and Republican. You need to write a book about being black and a Republican,’”

Three books later, Karen is now a sought-after speaker and political consultant.

One thing about her that surprises people is “I’m shorter than what most people expect!”

Tiny in stature, but big in influence, Karen Watson is ready to make the world a better place one election at a time.  

For more information on go to  or contact Karen at





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At just 20 years old, Brad Clendening already knows where he’s headed. “I want to be working in our government--and Politics. I love to listen to people’s ideas and concerns about issues facing our nation and what we can do to make America a better place.” He volunteers as an intern at the Dallas County Republican Party Headquarters and often commandeers the main phone lines, to cheerfully answer callers' questions about voting, registering to vote, where to go to vote, and just about everything else related to politics.

Brad Clendening is Making a Difference  in Dallas, and Invites Other College Students to Join Him

At 20, Brad Kent Clendening already knows where he’s headed. “I want to be working in our government, in politics, because I love both! I love to listen to people’s ideas and concerns about issues facing our nation and what we can do to make America a better place.”

Born and raised in Dallas, he has three older sisters: Allison 30, Laura, 28, and Erica, 25. Did they dress him up and make fun of him when he was little? “Oh yes! I clearly remember them painting my fingernails with pink nail polish—and my dad being kind of horrified!” Fortunately, all his sisters have moved out of the house and Brad, at six-foot-five-inches tall, is now safe from his “big” sisters’ antics. 

A graduate of June Shelton School on Hillcrest Road in Dallas, Brad is finishing his Associates degree at Brookhaven and just got accepted to SMU. He plans to major in political science and spends many hours volunteering in the Dallas County Republican Party Headquarters because, “I want to get the experience of what it’s like to work for a political party’s office.” Before interning at the DCRP he interned at Congressman Pete Sessions Office where he learned a lot about what it’s like to work for a congressional office.

But he has bigger dreams. “Personally, I’m more interested in the federal level of Government, so that’s another reason why I wanted to intern here--I wanted to learn all I can now about working at the state level.”

Hard worker

Brad only had a few weeks off from his previous position before he found the DCRP Headquarters. “When I finished my internship at Congressman Sessions' office there was a period where I wasn’t working for a few weeks. During those three weeks, I really missed working because I love to work. Sounds crazy right?”

He says, during that time, “I was browsing around the internet to see what political opportunities were out there in Dallas and I happened to fall upon the Dallas GOP website, when I noticed a page that said ‘Internship opportunities’ on it and I decided to give it a shot. A week later I got a phone call telling me to come in for an interview and everything fell into place after that.”

Brad recently met Ted Cruz and says, “He was very gracious person.” Brad was one of the first people to see him when he arrived at the Omni hotel for the Reagan Day Dinner.  “I guess who can say I was volunteer security!” he jokes.

Brad has also met Yu Darvish and Shin-Soo-Choo at a Rangers event.

One famous person he’d like to meet is Mitt Romney. “I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for him, because I agree on all his plicies, and he's not afraid to say what's on his mind--and he's not controlled by interest groups." Another person he would like to meet would be 'Wonder Woman' actress Gal Gadot because she is a hero, championing the underdog, "She's a strong woman and has the coolest accent ever!"

Most people don’t know Brad hasn't always looked like a super hero. He admits "I wasn't in the best physical shape just a few years ago. I used to eat sweets and junk food every single day. For breakfast, sometimes I would eat cake and popcorn."

In fact, his personal record was 18 large pancakes for breakfast. "For dinner I would eat two large pizzas, ice cream, chip ‘n dip, and brownies.” He admits that, “One day I looked at myself in the mirror with disappointment and decided to completely stop eating sweets and junk food.” It’s been 2 ½ years now and he says, “I haven’t eaten sweets of any kind or junk food since.” He’s also lost almost 30 pounds.

That led to people telling him he should consider a new career.  “Many people were telling me that I should be a model, so I decided to interview at a modeling agency in Dallas.” But, he says, “I got rejected because they said I’m too tall to fit in most companies’ clothes, which are typically for men six foot tall and below.”

Brad has lots of talent. “I created my own Texas Rangers website for fun,” he said, “and I came in 3rd in the Dallas Zoo photo contest in 2013.” It was a photo of a Lion lying down and colors of its head blended in with the ground.

He can also dazzle his fans by moving his ears side to side and sometimes up and down. His favorite food is steak and more than once he’s eaten a 50 oz. steak for dinner--and was still hungry after that.

His goal in life is to be somewhere helping make a difference in the lives of Americans. "Whether I’m working in our government implementing people’s ideas into action or working to re-elect Republicans that will help Americans achieve the American Dream. I'm willing to do what it takes to help our country."

To learn more about becoming a volunteer or an intern at the Dallas County Republican Party Headquarters call 214-369-9555 or see or the Dallas Country Republican Party Facebook page.

Judy Porter is a writer in Dallas. Contact her at 

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Joel James came to Texas to make a difference. One of his favorite TV shows growing up was The West Wing, and he admired Dule’ Hill, who played the personal presidential aid in the series. His favorite actor today is academy-award winner Mahershala Ali who plays Remy on House of Cards. With a Political Science degree from Kennesaw State in Georgia and a Master's in Public Policy from Liberty University in Virginia, Joel is well prepared to help make America a better place to live.

Georgia Transplant Joel James Works to Make a Difference, and Invites his Fellow Millennials to Join Him

Based out of the Dallas County Republican party headquarters, Joel James works as the Regional Field Director and says, “I help with phone banking, canvassing, and volunteering throughout the DFW area.” Joel also helps instruct the cutting edge Republican Leadership Institute (RLI) training in Dallas County.

He’s been here since August of 2017. Before this, he was in Atlanta, Georgia working for a boutique lobbying firm for two years.

The youngest of three boys, he has an older brother Mahlon, who lives close to Mar a Lago, and a twin brother Chris (who is two minutes older) an accountant in Atlanta. All three graduated from Sprayberry H.S in Marietta, Georgia. Both Joel’s parents, Selvyn & Laura Mae, are nurses, and they met in church in Jamaica.

He earned his Political Science degree from Kennesaw State in Georgia, then Liberty University in Virginia to receive a master’s in Public Policy.

Why is he working for the Republican party? Joel says, “George W Bush. He’s my favorite president – compassionate conservative, rugged individualism and his policies, No Child Left Behind Act. He’s one of my heroes! He and Colin Powell.” Joel was in high school when George W. Bush was president and has been interested in politics ever since.

One of his favorite TV shows growing up was The West Wing, and he admired Dule’ Hill, who played the personal presidential aid in the series. His favorite actor today is academy-award winner Mahershala Ali who plays Remy on House of Cards.

Joel says his ideal volunteer is someone who wants to learn the election process, how to work with campaigns and learn campaign technology. Age is not factor. “Ten to 110!” He says.

If you're interested in learning about elections in a grass-roots, hands-on lesson, contact him or call him: 404-219-4896. High school and college student volunteers are welcome.

The Dallas County Republican Headquarters has recently moved from its long-time headquarters on Greenville Avenue and is now located off Forest Lane in Lake Highlands.

Early voting runs Monday through Friday, March 2nd 7:00 a.m. - 7 p.m. You can vote at any early voting polling location. Visit for the voting location closest to you. 

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In September Forbes Magazine released a special centennial issue featuring “The World’s 100 Greatest Living Business Minds.” Over the past century, Forbes has been recording the most pivotal moments in business, inspiring the doers to help change the world for the better. The issue recognized innovators who have left a lasting impact on business and the world, including T. Boone Pickens. On Saturday, Pickens will receive another honor, at the sold-out Reagan Day Dinner, from the Dallas County Republican Party, in recognition of his ongoing support. Vice President Mike Pence is the keynote speaker.

Pickens says he's "Honored to Receive the 2018 Fred Meyer Lifetime Achievement Award." 

Boone Pickens will be honored in a ceremony on Saturday, February 17, 2018, as the 5th recipient of the Fred Meyer Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Dallas County Republican Party. The ceremony will be at the sold out 2018 Reagan Day Dinner at the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas, featuring Keynote Speaker, Vice President Mike Pence.

A successful oilman and investment manager for decades, Pickens has become a well-known and respected Philanthropist using much of his personal wealth to benefit others. Pickens said receiving the award would be an honor and a true source of pride.

"Fred Meyer was a friend for decades,” Pickens said, “We worked side by side to make the Republican Party in Dallas and across our state both strong and effective. This was a shared passion and his leadership continues to inspire new generations of conservatives.”

Missy Shorey, Chairman of the Dallas County Republicans, said, “This prestigious award is well-deserved by Dallas’s own Boone Pickens. He is the embodiment of the award.”

The award recognizes a member of the Republican party who has made significant contributions to the efforts of the GOP in local, state and national elections.

Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Jim Oberwetter was the first Fred Meyer Lifetime Achievement Award recipient in 2014. Prior to becoming an Ambassador, he was the president of the Dallas Regional Chamber. He began his love for politics in 1960 after his high school teacher in tiny Paducah, Texas picked him to play the role of Richard Nixon in a mock debate.

Other recipients include Ambassador Jeanne Johnson Phillips in 2015, Jim Frances in 2016 and Dallas businessman and Philanthropist Harold Simmons in 2017.

For more information on the Dallas County Republican Party, follow the GOP on Twitter @DallasGOP, or on Facebook, or visit or call: (214) 369-9555


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Vice President Mike Pence will be in Dallas February 17 to speak at the annual Reagan Day Dinner to be held at the Omni Dallas Hotel downtown. Tickets are available but are expected to sell out quickly.
The public is invited to hear Vice President Mike Pence as Keynote Speaker For 2018 Reagan Day Dinner
The Dallas County Republican Party (DCRP) is proud to announce Vice
President Michael R. Pence, the 48th Vice President of the United States, as the Keynote
Speaker and Honored Guest for the annual Reagan Day Dinner. This is a historic event since
Vice President Pence will be the first vice president to speak at the prestigious Reagan Day

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey states,
“Securing Vice President Mike Pence
as our Keynote Speaker reflects the importance of Dallas County to conservatives
throughout the nation." She notes, "There is a national focus on how we are campaigning
with our core Republican values of liberty, opportunity and security in one of the most
dynamic and fast-growing counties in the country, Dallas County. Having the Vice President
as our Honored Guest is proof positive Dallas County is an important battleground where
we will work to win in 2018 and beyond.”

Vice President Mike Pence shares his excitement for the event stating, “I’m honored to join
the great men and women of the Dallas GOP to discuss one of the most successful first years
under an American president, but also the exciting road ahead. We have a great story to tell
– from President Trump cutting taxes for working families and job creators, to pulling back
regulatory red tape. Our economy is booming, and we’re only getting started. I look
forward to address these great activists who are the heart of our party and the
conservative movement.”

Doug Deason, Finance Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Part explains, “To date,
this is the only county event Vice President Mike Pence will be doing this year. When I
asked Vice President Pence about being our Keynote Speaker and Honored Guest, both he
and his team knew how important Dallas County is to be standing strong ? especially in
metropolitan areas.”
The Reagan Day Dinner will be held on the evening of Saturday, February 17, 2018 at the
Omni Dallas Hotel. Proceeds from the event will support grassroots growth and training,
enhanced community engagement, get out the vote (GOTV) programs and unprecedented
efforts to defend democracy in Dallas County. The Reagan Day Dinner was previously
known as the Lincoln Day Dinner. This prestigious event has been a staple for the Dallas
County Republican Party for the past 30 years.

Vice President Pence is appearing at this event as a featured guest and is not soliciting any
funds or donations.

Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Lake Highlands resident Missy Shorey is available for comment or
interview, contact her at: or 214-369-9555.

For more information on the Dallas County Republican Party, visit follow on

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Margaret Chambers may be the most award-winning Interior Designer in the state of Texas. She was born in Nebraska and has lived in a variety of neighborhoods in north Texas from East Dallas’ Hollywood Heights neighborhood, to a garden home in North Dallas near Plano, and finally her current residence in Highland Park. She made each of her homes beautiful, and lives to bring beauty to her clients' residences, listening to their ideas and making theirs unique. She also volunteers her time to lecture about design to high school and college classes, and serves on a number of non-profit boards in Dallas.

Margaret Chambers is a long way from Lincoln Nebraska, where she was born.  

She looks back on her toughest years working as a waitress at night to attend college classes during the day to get to where she is now: a successful interior designer who helps owners make their houses into beautiful homes.

One of ten children, she grew up with “Plenty of siblings!” she says with a laugh. She had five sisters and four brothers, so didn’t get a room of her own until she was 17. But when she did finally get some space of her own, it changed her outlook on life.

“I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life until, at 17, I finally got my own bedroom to decorate. With all those siblings, you can imagine how much I wanted my own space!”

The family lived in Canyon City, Colorado at first and then moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, where she spent most of her childhood. She spent a little over a year in Boulder, Colorado, where her dad was doing a sabbatical at CU Boulder. She grew up with Corinne, Barbara, Elisabeth, David, Anne, Butch, Rebecca, John, and Steve. Margaret was born between David and Anne, so a “middle child” if ever there was one. She learned to get along with everybody and listen to them, which makes her excellent in her profession today.

Finally getting her own room made all the difference, she says, “I knew then that interior design was something that I loved to do, and that it had the ability to make others feel special and at home. My friends loved my room so much that they asked if they could bring their friends over to see it as well; that’s when I knew I must have a gift for making rooms beautiful.”

Graduated from Las Cruces High School in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Margaret attended New Mexico State University, where she majored in fine arts. She then earned an interior design degree through El Centro’s program when she moved to Dallas at 21 years old. She continued her interior design studies in Europe, completing a program through Parsons.

She went to work for Sanger Harris and then Gabberts, in their interior design departments. Armed with experience at those stores, she went to work for Cole Smith and Bob Ekblad as an interior designer for their residential architecture and architectural engineering firm, Smith Ekblad & Associates, Inc.

Professional Life Leads to Her Personal Life

Margaret met her husband, Thomas Walton Chambers, (“but I just call him Tom”) at her very first interior design job at Sanger Harris where, she says, “We exchanged business cards, but didn’t date, until about two years later. A friend of ours then fixed us up after we both ran into each other again at a mutual friend’s wedding shower.”

The couple had Alexandria Chambers (now Ede), a daughter, 28 years old, and an adopted son, Olmar Vanegas, who is 26. And Margaret may be decorating a nursery soon. She says proudly, “Alex and her husband Trevor are about to make me a first-time grandmother with their baby girl who is due in April!” which, coincidentally, is also Margaret’s birthday month as well.

Growing up, besides her multiple family members, Margaret had a dog she loved named Magpie. Then, while her own children grew up, she had Beethoven, who was like a third child to her. Now, she doesn’t have any pets at her house, but she and Tom love babysitting their ‘grand-puppies,’ Silas and Sebastian, when her daughter and son-in-law are out-of-town.

She also loves the beginning-to-end interior design process and seeing a home transformed into something that beautifully reflects each client’s story and taste, which is why she does what she does—making houses into homes, a beautiful place to rest at the end of the day.

Margaret says she wishes she could have met Sister Parish, one of America’s most prominent and famous interior designers, who worked with Jackie Kennedy on the White House. Her elegant and refined taste in decorating is something Margaret admires and aspires to.

Like most interior designers, Margaret has a personal quirk that, she admits, is a bit unusual: she loves birds. “It’s not obvious when you walk into my house, but one time my kids made me count how many there are. My total was 120, which doesn’t even account for my dishes!”

She says she loves all of the different colors, shapes, and sizes birds come in, the way they chirp and sing, their charming nests, and, of course, “birdhouses! My daughter even asked me if my love of birds included pigeons, and my response was, ‘Well, they’re a bird, aren’t they? So, my answer is yes.’ She looked so surprised.”

Margaret also loves gardening and planting. “Picking out flowers and plants for each season for my house always excites me. I can’t wait to go to the nursery and see how many beautiful plants I can fit into my car. And you will always find me at the Dallas Arboretum during all four seasons.”

The Toughest Time of her Life

Overcoming the toughest time in her life was when she wasworking five nights a week as a waitress and going to school full-time to study interior design. I was living in a new city and trying to balance work and school was very demanding when I was so homesick.”

Margaret says she overcame this tough time through sheer determination and hard work. “I kept my mind and heart set on the vision I had for the life I dreamt about: being able to create and beautify for a living.”

With each home she lived in she did the same. “When I first moved to Dallas, I lived in an old apartment in East Dallas’ Hollywood Heights neighborhood. When I got married and was pregnant with my daughter, we lived in a garden home in North Dallas, bordering Plano. Once my husband and I had established businesses near downtown Dallas, we wanted to live more centrally-located. We then moved to Highland Park when my daughter was four, and have been there ever since.”

What will the future bring her? “I plan to still be living my teenage dream of being an interior designer, and would love to have a book published of my work through the years--not just for me, but a keepsake for my daughter, son, and grandchildren to have one day.”

From Nebraska to Colorado to New Mexico to Texas, hard work and determination brought her this far, so a beautiful book about design and decorating will certainly be coming to your local bookstore soon.


                                                          * * *

To see Margaret’s most recent large project, view the Theta Sorority House on D Magazine’s website in the November 2016 issue.

Margaret encourages Interior Design classes to have their teachers contact her for a tour of her office and a short lecture on the life of an Interior Designer.

To contact Margaret email her at: or see her website Phone: (214) 651-7665 

Margaret Chambers has been published over 30 times in dozens of professional Interior Design Magazines and journals, and has won multiple awards over her five decades of professional Interior Design including:

2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2005, & 2004 D Home Magazine “Best Designers in Dallas”
2017, 2016 “Best of Houzz” Award for Design
2017 ASID Legacy of Design Awards (Texas) – 1st Place in Multi-Family
2017 ASID Design Ovation Awards (Dallas) – 1st Place in Multi-Family and Honorable Mention in Traditional Living Spaces
2016 “Best of Houzz” Award for Service
2015 ASID Legacy of Design Awards (Texas) – 1st Place in Transitional Residences under 3,500 sq. ft. and 2nd Place in Transitional Living Room
2015 “Best of Houzz” Award for Design
2014 ASID Design Ovation Awards (Dallas) – 2nd Place in Traditional Master Bedroom
2013 ASID Legacy of Design Awards (Texas) – Honorable Mention in Traditional Residence over 3,500 sq. ft.
2013 ASID Design Ovation Awards (Dallas) – Honorable Mention in Show House or Model Home
2012 ASID Legacy of Design Awards (State of Texas) – 2nd Place in Traditional Residence over 3,500 sq. ft.
2011 ASID Design Ovation Awards (Dallas) – 1st Place in Child’s Room and 2nd Place in Child’s Room
2010 ASID Legacy of Design Awards (Texas) – Award of Merit for Traditional Residence over 3,500 sq. ft.
2009 ASID Legacy of Design Awards (Texas) – 2nd Place in Traditional Residence over 3,500 sq. ft.
2009 ASID Design Ovation Awards (Dallas) – 1st Place in Child’s Room
2008 ASID Legacy of Design Awards (Texas)– 2nd Place in Residential Model Home
2007 Dallas Home Design – Silver Star Award for Home Design: Custom Contemporary Model
2007 ASID Design Ovation Awards (Dallas) – 2nd Place in Residence over 3,500 sq. ft., 2nd Place in Model/Show House, and 2nd Place in Child’s Room
2006 Modern Luxury Magazine – Featured as one of the “Dynamic Women of Dallas”
2006 ASID Legacy of Design Awards (Texas) – 1st Place in Residence over 3,500 sq. ft. and 1st Place in Kitchen under $50,000
2006 ASID Design Ovation Awards (Dallas) – 1st Place in Traditional Residence over 3,500 sq. ft. and 1st Place in Kitchen under $50,000
2006 ASID Design Ovation Awards (Dallas) – 1st Place in Bathroom under $25,000 and 2nd Place in Child’s Room
2003 Dallas Home Design – Silver Star Award – Home Design: Under 2,500 sq. ft.
2002 D Home May/June – Listed as “Designer who does Italian the Right Way”
2001 McSam Award for Luxury Home of the Year – Interior Designer in collaboration with Gage Homes
1995 ASID Design Ovation Award, Dallas Association, Texas Chapter
American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)–Professional Member, ‘84-present
Texas Association for Interior Design (TAID)–Member, 1985-present
Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA)–Professional Member, 12-present
Dallas Independent Designers Association – Member, 2015-present
Dallas Builders Association – Member, 2015
Texas Board of Architectural Examiners (TBAE) – Registered Interior Designer #82, 1992
National Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ) – Certification #5064, 1984
Parson’s European Studies – Italy, 1989
Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA), Texas Chapter – Member, 2012-present; Steering Committee Member, 2012-2016
Lee Park and Arlington Hall Conservancy – Preservation & Enhancement Chair, Board Member, 2009-present
Turtle Creek Association – Tour of Homes Steering Committee Member, 2012-2016
Dallas Museum of Art – Board Member, 1999-2003
ASID Dallas Association – Chairman, 1989; Board Member 1985-199

Preston Hollow Advocate – Sept 17
Wall Street Journal – March 17 – Dec 16
Southern Home – Spring 16
Southern Cottage – Winter 15
Texas Home & Living – April 13
Texas Home & Living – Feb, April, & June 12
Texas Home & Living – May & Oct 11
Dallas-Fort Worth Design Guide – March 11
Texas Home & Living – Oct 10
Dallas Morning News – May 10
Park Cities People – Jan 10
Dallas/Fort Worth House & Home – Jan 10
Texas Home & Living – Feb & Aug 09
Park Cities People – Jan-Dec 09
Park Cities People – Nov-Dec 08
D Home – Sept 08
Dallas/Fort Worth House & Home – June 08
Texas Home & Living – Feb & April 08
D Design Book – 08
Dallas Modern Luxury – Dec 07
Where Magazine – May 03
Dallas Home Design – Nov/Dec 01
Villa Décor by Betty Lou Phillips
HGTV 00 & 01
Better Homes & Gardens – Spring 98
Traditional Home – Nov 98
Dallas & Fort Worth Home Living – Nov 98
D/FW’s Life Style Magazine – June 97
Better Homes & Gardens – Winter 95 

Margaret Chambers, RID, ASID

Chambers Interiors and Associates, Inc. – Owner & Registered Interior Designer

The Chambers Collection, Inc. – Owner, Furniture Designer, & Antiques Dealer

Tour Décor, LLC – Founding Partner

Chambers Interiors & Associates, Inc.

2030 Irving Boulevard, Dallas, Texas 75207

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The Oak Cliff Lions Club recently had trainers from Patriot Paws demonstrate what their dogs do to help veterans with physical or emotional challenges. The program was one of the most popular of the year. The club members meet each Wednesday to hear an informative speaker and learn about ways to help the community.

Oak Cliff Lions Invite the Public to Attend Wednesday Programs, Become Leaders in the Community

The public is invited to hear the professional choir from Temple Emanu-El on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at the Oak Cliff Lions Club’s regular noon meeting held at Weiss Auditorium on the Methodist Medical Campus in Oak Cliff, 1401 Stemmons Avenue. Complimentary Parking is available in Pavilion III. Lunch for guests is $10.

The choir consists of 17 singers who have highly trained classical voices and who are some of the finest choral musicians from New York City. Because of this professionalism, the Temple Emanu-El congregation can enjoy intricate, sophisticated choral music beyond the scope of most other synagogues.

Each Wednesday the Oak Cliff Lions Club has a program that includes an informative or entertaining speaker or group. 

Recent popular programs included Patriot Paws, a non-profit agency whose members train dogs to serve retired military with physical or emotional challenges, and another explaining the importance of passports and how to get one.

Future programs include the Executive Director of After8toEducate, Hillary Evans, on February 7, 2017, to give an update on the new emergency shelter being created for homeless DISD high school students.

Next week, December 20, 2017, Barbara Barbee of the Dallas Parks Board will be the speaker. There will be no meeting due to the holiday the following Wednesday, December 27, 2017.

Club meetings are from 12:10 – 12:55 PM every Wednesday. The club’s motto is “WE SERVE!”

Founded in 1929, The Oak Cliff Lions are service-minded men and women who are interested in improving their communities. Millennials, families, baby boomers and seasoned citizens are current members of the club which boasts over 150 members. The Oak Cliff Lions help the downtown and south Dallas community and make a positive impact on people's lives. Club members network with business people both in the local community and around the world.

To learn more see the club’s website at or the club’s Facebook page. To attend a meeting contact Sara Kitto at or Lion President John McCall Jr at, or First Vice President Tasie Semos at

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Altrusans Kathlee and BK Angel of Frreedom Award N Past Altrusa Club Presidents Kathleen Scott (left) and Barbara Kennedy received the Human Rights Initiative Angel of Freedom Award on November 2, 2017, on behalf of the Altrusa International of Downtown Dallas service club. Both are attorneys and long-term members of the club. Scott, president in 1998-99, currently serves as the Service Committee Chair, and Kennedy, president in 2003-04, is also a marathon runner and recently completed the New York City Marathon. Both have won multiple awards for their efforts to help women and children in crisis in the city and each continues to volunteer in the downtown Dallas community.

2017 “Angels of Freedom” Awarded to the Altrusa Club of Downtown Dallas

35th year in service to the community, Altrusa Club members will Celebrate on Tuesday, volunteer again on Thursday 

Altrusa International of Downton Dallas members will celebrate service to the Dallas community at the club’s next luncheon meeting December 5, 2017 at The City Club on the 69th floor of the Bank of America Building downtown.

The Downtown Dallas club is 35 years old and part of an International network of Altrusans, with over 300 clubs worldwide.

On November 2, 2017, the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas honored the volunteer efforts of Altrusa International Inc. of Downtown Dallas by awarding it the “2017 Angel of Freedom Award.” The reception and ceremony took place at the offices of Thompson & Knight, a law firm which also supports the work of HRI and received an Angel of Freedom Award as well.

The club currently has over 55 active members, with two more joining this week. Anyone interested in helping the local community can attend a meeting or a service project to learn more.

This year the downtown club has moved 12 of its luncheon meetings to the evening, to accommodate business men and women who can’t get away at the noon lunch time to attend meetings in downtown Dallas. Season’s 52 at NorthPark and Highland Park Cafeteria in Casa Linda plaza have hosted the evening meetings. More are planned for 2018.

In addition to the luncheon this week, members will work together Thursday night wrapping hundreds of presents intended for refugee families to help them celebrate the holidays. This service project has become an annual event for the club. Other annual service projects include delivering turkeys for Thanksgiving to families of Shared Housing and volunteering at Career Day at the Irma Rangel Leadership School for Girls downtown. Monthly service includes helping women choose appropriate  interview clothes at Attitudes and Attire, and reading to children through Storyline.

Altrusa is a service organization for civic-minded people who strive to create better communities worldwide. The downtown club’s focus is on helping women and children in the Dallas Metroplex by performing service projects to fulfill the mission of “Educating Families for a Better Future.” Downtown Dallas Altrusans work with over two dozen local nonprofit agencies including Aberg Literacy, Attitudes and Attire, Community Partners of Dallas, Big Thought, Bar None, Educational First Steps, among many others.

To learn more about Altrusa see the club's website: or the club's Facebook page: Altrusa International, Inc. of Downtown Dallas

Contact Christina Coultas, Membership Chair, to attend a luncheon, evening meeting or service project: or for more information President NICOLE LEBOEUF at:

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After five years in a bad relationship, single mother Jamesha got out and is now in the driver's seat of her life, with a new job in the Law Firm of Lauren Cadilac Medel PLLC and with husband Juriel Black. Jamesha's expertise as a paralegal is growing and she is committed to helping other struggling single parents who need legal assistance. She is the joyful mother of five now, and has two "bonus" children whom she loves like her own that came when she married Juriel.

Jamesha Black returns to School to Gain a New Career, Joins all-Female Law Firm of Lauren Cadilac Medel PLLC, Coaches Little League


Jamesha Black spent five years in a bad relationship and finally realized she had to get out.

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired,” she admitted to herself then—and now.

With four kids in tow, she did what many are afraid to do: recognize her relationship was a mistake, and move back home.

Born in Galveston, Texas, and raised between Fort Worth and Houston, Jamesha is the oldest of four children: her brother, Justin, 28, is battling Multiple Sclerosis, and she has twin siblings, Shayla and Skylar, 26.

Jamesha wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, “but after taking some medical classes in high school I quickly had a change of heart!” she says with a laugh. She attended Klein High School, 30 miles from downtown Houston, and Mansfield Timberview, then went on to trade school at Arlington Career Institute, to get her Paralegal Certification. She is currently perusing her Associates at Dallas County Community College.

Jamesha says about her career, “When I found out what a Paralegal was, I was instantly drawn to it. My younger brother had gotten into some legal trouble and I wanted nothing more than to help him.”

She explains, “I’ve always thought that sometimes good people make dumb decisions, but that shouldn’t mean the end of their life. I started out only wanting to do Criminal law, but as the years have progressed I have found Estate Planning, Business Formation, Litigation, Probate and Family law to be enjoyable. Any way that I can give light to a dark situation brings me joy.”

Her sincere hope to help others also lead her to the Law office of Lauren Cadilac, an Oak Cliff attorney who practices Business, Probate, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Property Tax Protests, and much more. Jamesha recently was hired into the all-female law firm, and looks forward to working with the caring staff. Jamesha began her new career in law working at the firm in June of 2017 and says she “Loves it!”

And her new boss loves her. “Jamesha is an incredibly hard worker and has a sharp legal mind.” Ms. Cadilac says. “Together we make a great team!”

Outside of work her life now revolves around her husband, Juriel Black, and her five children.

“Yes, I have five little ‘mini-me’s’!” Jamesha says with a laugh.

Jariah is the oldest at 12, and is attending a wonderful STEAM school in Dallas. “She plays basketball and is also the Captain of her Cheer squad.” Anaysia is 11 “and is my little fire cracker. She also cheers and loves spending time creating music and watching Youtube videos.” Anthony is 10, “and my future Texas Ranger. He has been playing baseball since he was three.”

Tavares is nine years old and “hasn’t really found his sports niche yet, but he loves cars!” his proud mom says.

Jamesha adds, “Just when I thought I was done having kids, I got married, and two years later I started alllllll over again and had my last ray of sun shine, Peyton, who is three.” Jamesha admits the baby runs the household.

In addition to her five, Jamesha says, her husband Juriel has two children whom she adores: Jamel, age 12, and Zaniyah, 11. “When we got married, we were both ‘package deals.’” She explains, “And although they don’t live with me, I love them as I do my own.”

Jamesha admires actress Taraji P. Henson, famous for her character “Cookie” in the TV drama Empire, and would love to meet her one day. “As a once single mother, trying to start over and make it happen for her babies, she completely resonates with me.”

One thing most people don’t know about Jamesha is that she was placed in the Gifted and Talented Program in Kindergarten. “I went to a school that taught me half the day in English, and the other half in Spanish. I have carried my Spanish with me throughout my life and it completely trips people out that I know it.”

She is also a little league baseball coach. She grew up playing baseball and softball and so coaching has been her way of actively maintaining her love for the game.

Her long five years in a bad relationship has molded her into the strong mother that she is today. What will the next five years bring her? “That is such a mystery to me right now,” Jamesha says. But she knows it will include helping other single moms navigate through difficult waters.


Jamesha can be contacted at the The Law Office of Lauren C. Medel, PLLC at: or by calling (972) 845-1200. 

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Business owner, mother of two, community volunteer and mentor Shuly Einhorn has a full life. She met her husband Craig when they were both teenagers, and now have two of their own. In addition to running an international business, Shuly is starting "Power Lunches" for teen girls, to help them make good decisions and feel more confident in their lives. Shuly is often described as a look-alike of super model Cindy Crawford, and Craig--who has a resemblance to Superman actor Dean Cain--admits when they met it was "love at first sight" for him, but it's her kind heart that attracts him the most.

The navy had a big problem.

Thousands of towels from their gym were disappearing each year, mistakenly taken home.

Not wanting to accuse any midshipmen of stealing, the Navy turned to Strategic Solutions International for help. The answer was simple: pink.

“Pink towels!” Shuly Einhorn says with a laugh. “They would be more visible, and less likely to walk out of the gym.”

“No macho navy midshipman is gonna be caught dead with a pink towel out in public,” Craig Einhorn, the SSI Operations Manager and Shuly’s husband of 20 years, explains.

Finding thousands of plush pink towels and shipping them to the Navy was a large task, but not impossible. It’s what Strategic Sourcing International does.

The company, just nine years old, is located in north Dallas and is 51% owned by Shuly, making it a much-sought after woman-owned business. She is the numbers person, keeping the books and paying the bills, and soon will become the front office “face” of the company. Craig is the “sourcer”—searching for unusual items needed at a good price—and the operations manager. He doesn’t mind being #2 on the organization chart, and is happy to have a boss he can work—and live—with.

Their love story may have never happened if it wasn’t for him.

Shuly, born in Israel, was recovering from surgery in a hospital in Virginia when the two met. Craig was in a Gap Year--taking time off between high school and college—to recover from his own recent surgery when his Rabbi suggested he go cheer up Shuly in the hospital. She was in too much pain, and was too mad at the world, to take notice of him, but Craig was intrigued.

As she slowly recovered, Craig would check in with her on a regular basis, bringing fudge and movies to help her pass the time, always there to cheer her up. Two years later, back home in Israel, when Craig came to visit his relatives, the two re-met. That night Craig told Shuly’s mother, “She’s going to be my wife.” Shuly, in a much better place emotionally and physically, realized it too.

They both went off to college and married a few years later in Israel, enjoying a typical family life with two kids: son Roy, now a senior in high school—about the same age as Craig when he met Shuly—and daughter, Tia, 15, a sophomore. They moved to Virginia and about ten years ago and then on to Dallas three years ago.

The family is close. Shuly is at her daughter’s volleyball games each week as the “Team Mom,” and Craig is there to handle the score sheets at home games, and cheer on their daughter at away games. The entire family went on a college visit last month to New York City so Roy could check out NYU and Emerson College. Craig and Shuly typically ride together to work, just a few miles from their home.

Craig is a member of a business networking organization that meets weekly. Members discuss business and support each other's businesses by sharing references. He’ll go to the early morning meeting and swing by to pick up Shuly on the way to their office. Next door to their office space is their pristine warehouse, where they store many of their customer’s products for them.

One way to make more profit is to buy in bulk, and sell in portions. Craig will find the item a customer is looking for, negotiate a better price for more product than his customer needs, then store the rest for the next time his customer has a need for more. It’s a bonus that the SSI warehouse is connected to their leased office site. But he and Shuly plan to build or buy their own bigger building in about a year, to save on rent. The two enjoy helping other businesses save money by finding the best deal for them, and go the extra mile to source, ship and store the products to help start-up companies become successful, and larger companies to save time and money.

Shuly hopes to inspire young women to become leaders in business like she is. In the meantime, SSI is growing with new customers and new employees, many of whom come as interns and stay on as full-time employees. All are treated like family, and like the navy oath, SSI employees work hard and “serve honestly and faithfully,” just like Shuly and Craig--so there’s no need for pink towels at their headquarters.


Shuly is happy to meet women who want information on how to start their own business. For more information about Shuly’s company, see the SSI website at:

To learn more about the Power Lunches for Teen Girls contact Shuly at SHULY@RNTENT.COM