Tiffany Sunday

On Thursday, August 10, I was a guest on Elisheva Schwartz’s Podcast – The Dyslexia Quest.  Her show is ranked in the top 30 iTunes podcast shows.  We talked about a range of topics from my experiences as a student in school to how technology is creating more career opportunities for dyslexics.

Quote from Elisheva –

Guest Tiffany Sunday quests with us on the fascinating topic “Dyslexia 2:0 The Gift of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mind”. We uncover dyslexic strengths and wonder why having these strengths can  cause overwhelming pressure instead of motivation.

Tiffany is an author, innovator, entrepreneur and mom of a dyslexic child. She writes and speaks on multiple topics from the digital revolution, to the future of work to personal development and the relationship between dyslexia and entrepreneurship.

Tiffany reminds us that every one of us has a passion…. even our kids. It’s what “makes our tail wag”. We talk about dreaming big and innovation. Tiffany shares from her own unique experiences – you won’t want to miss it so stay tuned till the end!

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