MySweetCharity Opportunity: Fantasy Football

My Sweet Charity 8/15 8:30A Jeanne Prejean
Brent and Jeni Garrett* According to Fantasy Football Co-Chairs Jeni and Brent Garrett and Phyllis and Jim Stone , “Put your game face on and get ready for some football at The Warren Center’s largest...

Designing A Pool Bar

IBB Design 8/15 1:36A Shay Geyer
We used a bright, bold, and happy lemon tree patterned wallpaper as our jumping off point for this pool bar. The room features a The post Designing A Pool Bar first appeared on IBB Design .

The Lace Dress You Need Now!

Tanya Foster 8/14 1:07P Tanya Foster
Happy Monday! I know that many kids are headed back to school today, so if that is your child I hope it all goes well! Even though we are back to school, it is definitely still summertime. Today let's...

Garland Community Event Saturday August 20 at 9AM

Lake Highlands BubbleLife iReporter 8/14 4:58A Liz Berry
FOOD FOR HUMMINGBIRDS AND PEOPLE.  BRING A NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEM. [canned goods; milk that is packaged for non-refrigerated shelf life; boxes of raisins, etc.  Think homeless without a stove or...

The Case for Junie B.

Dallas Children's Theater Blog 8/13 6:12A DCT-Staff
Growing up Junie B. I’ve been privy to some “behind the scenes” conversations about kids via teachers of kindergarteners through fourth grade, and the one thing I’ve learned is that these kids are ALL so very different. As DCT prepares for JUNIE...


Dallas Children's Theater Blog 8/13 6:12A DCT-Staff
In JUNIE B.’s ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GUIDE TO SCHOOL, Junie B. receives her first grade report card, and immediately attempts to bury it in the backyard. We learn that her grades were just fine, but she...

Tips for Traveling with Just a Carry On

BubbleLifestyles 8/12 10:03A
It is possible to travel with just your carry on. Here are some travel hacks to packing light. CHECK THE WEATHER Research what the weather will be like in the place you are traveling to. Packing for...
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