Got Plans Saturday morning? DCT Mom Sherry has a great idea…

Dallas Children's Theater Blog 2/5 9:07A DCT-Staff
DCT Mom, Sherry Ward, shares what it was like growing up watching the iconic Schoolhouse Rock on Saturday mornings! Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your adverbs here. I didn’t even need YouTube’s help with...

Star Trek: Still Light Years Ahead

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 2/5 5:08A Brandon Murray
Whether you’re a long-time Star Trek fan or have never “engaged” in viewing an episode or movie, thanks to the recent premiere of Star Trek: Picard, staring Patrick Stewart, this is a great time to [ ]

Celebrate Black History Month with Dallas Public Library

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 2/1 5:24A Emily Jackson
If you re looking for free entertaining and educational experiences during Black History Month, look no further than your local Dallas Public Library branch! All throughout February, DPL branches are diving into the past, present, and [ ]

Ski Chalet Mountain Mama Project by Cashmere Interior Design

Lake Highlands BubbleLife iReporter 1/31 2:03P EsmailiRugs
Ski Chalet Mountain Mama Project by Cashmere Interior PROJECT: "BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY ON SKIS" High up in the hills of the Yellowstone Club, this little mama exudes positive energy. With a super white back drop, natural wood reclaimed timber...

Going Green in 2020

Lake Highlands BubbleLife iReporter 1/29 9:39A Jamie Spence
Going green in 2020? Many of us are. The trend towards environmental responsibility continues to grow, and many hope it becomes the standard way of life in this country. Until that day, you can...

Volunteer Accomplishments of 2019

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 1/29 5:38A Alexandria McLemore
Happy New Year everyone! Thanks to our volunteers, the Dallas Public Library has been able to make a meaningful impact in the community. As we embark on another year, I want to take the time [ ]

Why are there arcade games in DCT’s lobby?

Dallas Children's Theater Blog 1/28 4:11A DCT-Staff
And now a word from our friends at Free Play…Arcades are they! “I have the most wonderful memories from childhood of my mother bringing my little brother and I to El Centro or The Crescent to see...

Notes on a Nervous Planet

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 1/25 5:13A Tommi Smith
Welcome to the new decade, everyone! As we embark on new adventures in 2020, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed deciding the best way to go about making the life changes that will make [ ]

Meet the Cast of Schoolhouse Rock Live!

Dallas Children's Theater Blog 1/23 5:44A DCT-Staff
You’re in for a turn-up-the-volume blast you won’t soon forget! Alyssa Cavazos* (Dori) Alyssa is so excited to be joining her DCT family once again with this all-star cast and crew! You may recognize her from Dallas Children’s Theater productions...

New Year, New Series

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 1/22 5:29A Emily Jackson
You could do what everyone else is doing and start a resolution for the new year, or you could be a cool kid and break out of the resolution rut. How about instead of the [ ]
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