April Showers Bring Weatherman to Shelton

Lake Highlands BubbleLife iReporter 4/15 5:00A Anne Thomas
April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes.  April also brought WFAA Channel 8 News meteorologist Jesse Hawila to Shelton Schools Lower School Primary classes.  Hawila spoke to first and...

Shelton and AT&T Make Toast and More Together

Lake Highlands BubbleLife iReporter 4/8 5:00A Anne Thomas
Everyone hears about designer sunglasses, shoes, or jeans.  Over 50 high school juniors and seniors at Shelton School learned about a different designer concept that of designing software.  Designer...

ESD to Welcome Visitors from Tanzania Sister School This Week

Lake Highlands BubbleLife iReporter 4/3 2:00P The Episcopal School of Dallas
The Episcopal School of Dallas is excited to welcome staff from our sister school in Tanzania to the ESD campus this week. When our faculty visited their campus last August, they observed classes, led...

Shelton Quiz Bowl Team Division II State Champs

Lake Highlands BubbleLife iReporter 4/2 11:18A Anne Thomas
Shelton Schools Quiz Bowl team took highest honors in the 20 th  annual Texas Quiz Bowl Association State Championship (Division II) hosted at Greenhill School in Dallas on March 30.  Eight teams...

Shelton's Josie Hostin Is All Kinds of Creative

Lake Highlands BubbleLife iReporter 3/27 2:00P Anne Thomas
Theres no better feeling for teachers than to see a students creativity in full bloom.  Thats clearly the case with Shelton junior Josie Hostin. Shes an artist, a musician, and she has a technically...

Is The Room Really That Smart?

St. John's Episcopal School (Head of School Blog) 3/26 10:28A (Mark Crotty
I hadn't heard/seen the phrase "The smartest person in the room is the room" for a while. Or perhaps it's just become such a commonly accepted truth that it doesn't register anymore. Today, though, when I saw it in a Tweet, I wondered, "Really?"...

Seeing Again with a New Purpose

Lakehill Preparatory School 3/22 11:14A lakehillprep
By Julie Riggs Lakehill Preparatory School, English Department Chair, K-7 I had so become discouraged with our tiny apartment that my husband agreed to visit some other rentals in the area. They were...

United to Learn Hosts Two Events on March 23 to Address Education

Lake Highlands BubbleLife iReporter 3/13 2:59P Juliette DC
United to Learn hosts two events on March 23 to address education: hundreds of volunteers transform 24 Dallas ISD schools with education-focused makeovers, and high school students present education...

Reimagining Independent Schools. For Sure. How about the Conference Itself?

St. John's Episcopal School (Head of School Blog) 3/8 4:10A (Mark Crotty
Preface: I need to acknowledge at the start that this post is going to bother me, and it may bother you for the same reason. I'm going to point out a challenge; I may even rant a bit. But I don't really offer any solutions, as I recognize just...
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